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GOP Hawaii statement on Kaauwai resignation

Statement from Beth Fukumoto, chairwoman of the Republican Party of Hawaii:

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge our outgoing Chairman Jonah Kaauwai and thank him for his service to the Hawaii Republican Party.

During Jonah’s term, he worked to create a vital grassroots network within the Hawaii Republican Party and to recruit fresh new volunteers and candidates for the 2010 elections.

I have personally been intimately involved with many of these grassroots organizations, and I look forward to helping these organizations grow.

Now, as we move forward, I want to echo Jonah’s statements that the Party membership works together to “ensure the longevity of the Party for years to come.”

I feel it is imperative that we unite and continue building toward a better future for our party and the State of Hawaii. It is our responsibility as Republicans to make sure that the voters of Hawaii have a diversity of voices that will only lead to better government and a more prosperous Hawaii.

I look forward to working with everyone to fulfill that responsibility to elect more Republicans in 2012 and beyond in order to have a meaningful two-party system.

Beth Fukumoto

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One Response to “GOP Hawaii statement on Kaauwai resignation”

  1. Dan Cartaino says:

    Dear Ms Fukumoto, writing as a political independent who would like to see Hawai’i Republicans stronger and more competetive, I hope that your party can find some way to re-emerge as a secular institution, supporting free-market solutions to Hawai’i’s many challenges and letting your unfortunate recent association with religious extremism become a thing of the past.

    Your statement regarding Jonah Kaauwai was very gracious. If I may be frank with you, I think it said more about you than it did him. How anyone could demonstrate the arrogance and selfishness he did as he imposed his own intolerant religious views while he presided over sinking an institution as important to Hawai’i as the Republican Party is incomprehensible. Of course, his defenders can argue that his supporters were the rank and file, but that’s only because they were just about the only ones left.

    This comment is not about personal beliefs, it’s about the importance of a viable alternative party. Hawai’i needs the Republican Party. Hawai’i does not need a state religion. Please do everything you can to honor the memory of Prince Kalanianaʻole and bring back the Republican Party to what it once was.


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