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Ironmanlife: Kona Trivia Part 1

Kevin Mackinnon tests your Ironman World Championship trivia skills:

With exactly one week to go before we start our race week coverage of the Ironman World Championship, I thought it would be fun to play some trivia. So, here’s my first series of questions for all you Ironman fans out there.

Answers are below.

Ironman founders ...

Warm up: Who are the two founders of the Ironman World Championship, who are pictured at the 2003 25th anniversary event?

1) Who was the first woman to attempt an Ironman? What year? What place did she finish?

2) Any Ironman fan worth their salt knows that Kathleen McCartney passed a crawling Julie Moss to win the February 1982 race. But do you know how much did she won by? What is the next-closest women’s margin of victory?

3) Here’s an easy one: We all know Greg Welch was the first non-American to win the men’s race, who was the first non-American woman to win the Ironman World Championship?

4) How many Emmy awards has the NBC broadcast of the Ironman World Championship won?

5) In what year did the Ironman World Championship first see over 100 competitors? When did the event break 1,000?

Monday’s bonus question: Who was the first person to complete 20 Ironman World Championship events in a row?


Warm up: John and Judy Collins
1) Lyn Lemaire. 1979. Fifth.
2) 29 seconds. In 1987 Erin Baker beat Sylviane Puntous to the line by 1:32. In 1985 Joanne Ernst won by 1:33 over Elizabeth Bulman.
3) Canada’s Sylviane Puntous.
4) 15.
5) 1980. 1987.
Bonus: Lynn Brooks, a feat she achieved in 1999 when she crossed the line in 14:44:20.

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