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Parker’s Najita a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist


Parker School has announced senior Kieran Najita has been selected as a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist.

Najita was notified this month that he is one of 16,000 national semi-finalists out of the 50,000 highest scorers of the approximately 1.5 million high school students who take the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test) each year.

Kieran Najita

If Najita advances to finalist standing, in March he will find out if he is a one of the approximately 8,300 winners of a National Merit Scholarship Award.

The awards range from a $2500 lump sum scholarship, to corporate sponsored and college sponsored scholarships.

Last year, three out of the five National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists from the Big Island were Parker students. All three advanced to the finals and two out of the three were selected as Merit Scholarship Award winners.

About his accomplishment, Najita said, “It’s a big relief to have something like this going for me. I’m looking at some pretty competitive, pretty expensive schools, so it’s nice to have something like this that could help pay for school, both as a flat lump sum and as something I can use toward getting other scholarships.”

Najita, whose parents both teach English at Parker, has been a student at the school since 2005. He said he will most likely study film in college.

About Najita and his accomplishment, Parker School headmaster Dr. Carl Sturges said, “He’s intellectually a very advanced student, he’s done really well with the debate team, and he’s a very creative thinker. We’re very proud of him.”

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