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Sopogy wins 2011 GoingGreen Global 200 award


Sopogy, the world leader in micro concentrated solar power (MicroCSP), has been named a GoingGreen Global 200 award winner for the third year running.

Industry experts, including professionals from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Hewlett-Packard, KPMG and Silicon Valley Bank, selected Sopogy to be amongst the best 200 private cleantech companies from around the world to win the award.

Rodney Lee, Sopogy’s Vice President of Marketing & Communications said, “GoingGreen’s Global 200 Award reflects the view of the international venture community. We are delighted with the award, and appreciate the continuing recognition over the years.”

Sopogy revolutionized solar thermal technology with MicroCSP. Developing modular collectors about one-third the size of a traditional concentrated solar power mirror, Sopogy cut the cost of solar thermal energy to a fraction of the cost. Proprietary storage units stabilize volatile energy production when cloudy and prolong production after sunset.

Sopogy’s thermal energy is the fuel for stable, renewable power generation, air conditioning, and process heat.

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  1. Mike says:

    UH engineering professor says that Sopogy is Hawaii’s Solyndra. The NELHA facility supposedly cost $200/watt. The data sources look legit and I’m inclined to believe the engineering professor. Solyndra was Going Green Global Top 100 in 2009.
    Does anybody have actual performance data on Sopogy? Do they have any facilities other than NELHA?


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