Wayfinding: Exploration through Hawaiian artifacts (Aug. 10-31)


The Holualoa Foundation for Arts and Culture presents Wayfinding: Exploration Through Hawaiian Artifacts, by Gary Eoff and curated by Hiroki Morinoue. The show runs Aug. 10-31.

An artist talk by Eoff and opening reception will be presented 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 18 at the Donkey Mill Art Center. The evening will start with an ohana style potluck.

Inspired by the intricate techniques, expert craftsmanship and natural materials used by Hawaiians, Eoff has studied the art of cordage making, lashing, decorating gourds, weaving, fabricating fishing implements, tool and weapon making. His work is noted for detail, attention to authentic designs and use of traditional materials and dyes.

According to Eoff, “Relying on keen observation of the stars, wind, current, clouds, moon and birds, the Polynesian voyagers were able to colonize almost every island in the central Pacific; more than six million square miles, the largest nation on Earth. By rediscovering the traditional practices and skills of our ancestors, we protect the land and ocean resources for our future.”

Eoff has worked with Morinoue, Donkey Mill’s artistic director, to create an exhibit featuring the voyaging tools and implements taken aboard deep-sea canoes as equipment essential to the survival of early oceanic explorers.

This exhibit features water gourds, food baskets, fishing lures, animal cages and stone adzes and helps us to understand how Polynesians were able to survive the long voyages.

“The Pacific navigator was the oceanic equivalent of the mountaineer, possessing a ruggedness fashioned from his ability to survive under harsh conditions while living in remote and isolated island environments. His skill set was developed by careful observation, human cleverness, and a creative genius that sprung form his spirit to survive and sustain his family and community,”
said Chad “Kalepa” Baybayan, resident navigator at Imiloa Astronomy Center.

The mission of the Holualoa Foundation for Arts and Culture, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, is to enrich the lives of persons of all ages and abilities through art education. The foundation operates the Donkey Mill Art Center, a gathering place for all to explore, expand and develop their artistic selves in a supportive community.

For more information, cal 322-3362 or visit www.DonkeyMillArtCenter.org

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