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No recent sightings, but one happy ending

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Editor

Despite an ongoing rescue mission that has captivated dog lovers across the Big Island and across the mainland, the Saddle Road pup remains at large.

The tan and white dog – with a red collar – first was spotted along the cross-island road as far back as April and although she was befriended by several frequent Saddle Road drivers and the Hawaii Island Humane Society veterinarian, there have been no confirmed sightings of the dog for several weeks.

HIHS executive director Donna Whitaker said she is concerned for the dog’s welfare and for the safety of drivers in the area.

The HIHS vet was steadily earning the dog’s trust and was confident of eventually capturing her. However, a group of well-meaning dog lovers that went out to catch her seems to have spooked her and she has not been spotted along that stretch of road since.

Whitaker said she still has hope for the Saddle Road mutt.

For example, the dog may have been captured and not reported; the dog may have found her way home; or she may have found a new welcoming home.

Of course, the slopes of Mauna Kea hold many hazards for people and for pups alike and Whitaker said the outcome for this dog may not be good.

She advices drivers to stay vigilant and report any sightings to the Humane Society.

However, Whitaker does have a happy story to share.

Apparently, two hunting dogs got separated from their family and were lost for more than two weeks.

The family was devastated, but held out hope and called on the Humane Society.

Whitaker said some ranch workers in the area were surprised to find two thirsty, hungry, grateful dogs one day recently.

They bundled the dogs into a truck and sped them off to a happy reunion with their family.

“As far as I know, those two dogs were out there by themselves for more than two weeks and they took care of themselves,” Whitaker said. “That family was so happy to see them again. They really are a big part of that family and it’s great to see things work out like that.”

Whitaker said she likes to share such stories.

“That’s a happy story. I always love a story like that,” Whitaker said. “Saddle Road dog, we are not so sure right now. But we always hold out hope.”

Whitaker cautioned against approaching Saddle Road dog.

“She’s still spooked. It’s best to let the vet take care of it,” Whitaker said. “If you do see her, make sure you continue to drive safely, and please report the sighting, exactly where you saw her. We’d love to get her reunited with her family.”

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2 Responses to “No recent sightings, but one happy ending”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Mahalo for giving us an update, I had been wondering about our beloved Saddle Road Sadie (as we call her). So glad to hear about the reunion of the other 2 lost dogs with their family, that is great news!

  2. Jersey says:

    Give these abandoned, tortured dogs back to the family?!?!?!?! why not throw the family out on Mauna Kea and let them try to fend for themselves for weeks. How many hunting dogs out there do not have happy endings. Many of them freeze and starve to death or die of thirst. These people should be treated the same way they treat their dogs.


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