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Springtime snow in Hawaii on Mauna Kea?

A rare June snowfall blanketed the summit of Mauna Kea up to eight inches of hail and snow, prompting officials to close the summit road Saturday and Sunday (June 4-5). Summer officially arrives June 21 but a storm made a bit of Hawaii feel like winter.

Experts say it’s the coldest weather up there in June recorded in nearly 40 years.

After crews cleared the roadways and sun melted some of the snow, a few visitors braved the trip to the summit and were rewarded with clear skies and just enough snow to do some sledding with bodyboards.

Click here for a panoramic 360 degree view of the summit

From the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station website:

Snow Recreation

Because some of the slopes are very steep with rock outcroppings at the bottom, you are strongly advised NOT TO USE inner tubes, boogie boards, or other devices that are NOT equipped with braking mechanisms or that do NOT provide directional control on snow or ice.

Due to the fragile environment and cultural significance of Mauna Kea AND safety to you and others using the mountain, SNOW MOBILES OR ANY TYPE OF OFF-ROAD VEHICLES ARE PROHIBITED.

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