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Disabled Adventures earns non-profit status


Disabled Adventures Hawaii has been awarded nonprofit status by the Internal Revenue Service.

A new Board of Directors made up of community leaders from law, education, finance and business has been installed: Allan Robbins, Enock Friere, Greg Smitman, Lee Burke and Jonathan Cook.

Director Jean Hartley envisions Kona as a preferred resort destination for disabled visitors with safe, accessible sports and a barrier-free environment.

Disabled Adventures is a free Internet service to those with mobility limitations interested in adaptive opportunities on the west coast of the Big Island.

This online business has served island residents and visitors since 2008 and its new non-profit status will allow for program expansion with tax-deductible donations.

The website features links to on-island resources, maps pinpointing accessible beaches and sports venues, and magazine articles in the area of disability.

Hartley’s latest article, “Post Polio Syndrome: the Second Time Around,” was recently published in the journal Research Saves and can be read in the summer issue of HSMA’s Island Scene.

Contact Disabled Adventures Hawaii at 808-896-8967 or www.disabledadventureshawaii.c…

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