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Parker School Class of 2011

Valedictorians and Salutatorians

8th Grade Valedictorian – Maia Tarnas

8th Grade Salutatorian – Kosuke Kume

12th Grade Valedictorian – Kimo Hon

12th Grade Salutatorian – Mary Kamitaki

Book Award Recipients

Brown University – Shotaro Kume

Wellesley – Marit Winborne

Mt. Holyoke – Anna Moritz

Yale – Jesse Tarnas

Scholarship Award Recipients

Mie Kim Najita Award – Erika Hannon

Students with Grade Point Average over 4.0

Kimo Hon, Mary Kamitaki, Daniel Gregg, Anna Sturges, Elliott Warkus, Sierra Manker

Science Award Recipients

Omar Ali – Physics Medal

Paul Gregg – Chemistry Medal

Kimo Hon – AP Biology Medal

Kelly Kennedy – Earth Science 7th Grade Medal

Kyra Matsuda – Life Science 6th Grade Medal

Marisa McCann – Anatomy & Physiology Medal

Grant Nair – Honors Biology Medal

Davy Ragland – Physical Science 8th Grade Medal

Emily Whitfield – Biology Medal

Shelby Alligood – Life Science 6th Grade Certificate

Daniel Gregg – Anatomy & Physiology Certificate

Daniel Gregg – A.P. Biology Certificate

Lysha Matsunobu – Honors Biology Certificate

Kyley Nishimura – Biology Certificate

Corey Patton – Physics Certificate

Harmony Ring – Earth Science 7th Grade Certificate

Maia Tarnes – Physical Science 8th Grade Certificate

Elective Award Recipients

Paul Gregg – Song Writing Medal

Sierra Manker – Student Council Medal

Sierra Manker – Yearbook Editor -in-Chief 2011 Medal

Debate Award Recipients

Davy Ragland – Middle School Debate Medal

Kyra Matsuda – Middle School Debate Certificate

English Award Recipients

Olivia Armandroff – English 10 Honors Medal

Jaren Ashcraft – English 8 Medal

Taylor Doherty – English 6 Medal

Alina Fesenko – English 10 Medal

Kevin Grace – English 7 Medal

Lysha Matsunobu – English 9 Honors Medal

Darcy Mulligan – English 11 Medal

Grant Nair – English 9 Medal

Kieran Najita – AP Literature and Composition Medal

Annie Sturges – Journalism Medal

Annie Sturges – AP Language Medal

Nathalie Whitfield – English 12 Medal

Helena Bohannan – English 11 Certificate

Charlie Charbonneau – English 10 Certificate

Elisha Chun – English 12 Certificate

Briana Dodds – English 10 Certificate

Jacob Frogley – English 8 Certificate

Kelly Kennedy – English 7 Certificate

Nondi Lampkin – English 10 Certificate

Tola Mahoney – English 6 Certificate

Kanoe Schutte – English 10 Certificate

Kyra Vidosh – English 7 Certificate

Fine Arts

Elisha Chun – AP Studio Art Medal

Kira Hirada-Stone – Art Foundation Medal

Marisa McCann – 3-Dimensional Art Medal

Savannah McClennon – 2-Dimensional Art Medal

Isabella Roberston – Instrumental Music Medal

Elliott Warkus – Dance Medal

Lila Alligood – MS Trimester 3 Certificate

Kevin Grace – MS Trimester 2 Certificate

Daniel Gregg – Dance Certificate

Erika Kasberg – MS Chorus Certificate

Kyley Nishimura – Instrumental Music Certificate

No’eau Simeona – MS Drama Certificate

Bethany Trussel – MS Trimester 1 Certificate

Kiana Ward – MS Chorus Certificate

Erika Hannon – Annie Leibowitz Portrait Photography

Brieanah Gouveia – Ansel Adams Nature Photography

Lila Alligood – Best Short Film award

Sacha Contreras – Creative Visionary Photography

Tawny Bright – Diego Rivera Mural Design

Elisha Chun – Francis Bacon Existentialism

Elisha Chun – Senior Career Achievement

Anna Epply Judy – Chicago Art, A Weapon for Change

Kira Harada-Stone – Kandinsky Best in Imaginative Work

Rachel Dunn – Magdalena Abakanowics Conceptual Installation

Anna Moritz – Maria Montoya Martinez Best Clay Vessel

Carly Cappagli – Michelangelo Figurative Sculpture

Mikaela Smith – David Hockney Best in Drawing

Emily Boehm – David Hockney Best in Drawing

Mailani Sills – Vincent Van Gogh Colors of Emotions

History Award Recipients

Taylor Doherty – History 6 Medal

Kevin Grace – History 7 Medal

Daniel Gregg – AP US History Medal

Kira Hirada-Stone – U. S. History Medal

Mary Kamitaki – Psychology Medal

Kosuke Kume – History 8 Medal

Lysha Matsunobu – World History Medal

Sarah Willey – Western Civilizations Medal

Olivia Armandroff – Western Civilizations Certificate

Alina Fesenko – US History Certificate

Brieanah Gouveia – Western Civilizations Certificate

Julie Gregg – History 7 Certificate

McCrae Johnston – Psychology Certificate

Shotaro Kume – AP US History Certificate

Christina Sharpe – History 8 Certificate

Brian Toubman – World History Certificate

Bethany Trussel – History 6 Certificate

Spanish Award Recipients

Briana Dodds – Spanish 1 Medal

Briana Dodds – Spanish 1 Honors Medal

Rachel Dunn – Spanish 2 Honors Medal

Erika Kasberg – Spanish 1B Medal

Vera Mahoney – Spanish 2A Medal

Lysha Matsunobu – Spanish 2 Medal

Jessica Rosseinsky – Spanish 3 Medal

Bethany Trusel – Spanish 1A Medal

Larissa Urquhart – Bolstad Spanish 1 Medal

Sarah Willey – Spanish 3 Honors Medal

Marit Winborne – Spanish 4 Medal

Marit Winborne – Spanish 4 Honors Medal

Shanelle Bolner – Spanish 1 Certificate

Rachel Dunn – Spanish 2 Certificate

Kevin Grace – Spanish 1B Certificate

Kira Harada-Stone – Spanish 4 Certificate

Nondi Lampkin – Spanish 1 Certificate

Julia Lee – Spanish 1A Certificate

Tyler McCullough – Spanish 3 Certificate

Maia Tarnes Spanish 2A Certificate

Math Award Recipients

Olivia Armandroff – Pre-Calculus Medal

Danielle Gersonde – Math Skills Medal

Mary Kamitaki – AP Calculus BC Medal

Darcy – Algebra 2 Medal

Grant Nair – Algebra 2 & Trig Medal

Hannah Parkin – Pre-Algebra Medal

Davy Ragland – Algebra 1 Medal

Maia Tarnas – Geometry Medal

Bethany Trusel – Math Foundations Medal

Elliot Warkus – AP Calculus AB Medal

Dash Cotton – Pre-Algebra Certificate

Paul Gregg – Pre-Calculus Certificate

Erika Hannon – Algebra 2 Certificate

Kosuke Kume – Geometry Certificate

Julia Lee – Math Foundations Certificate

Lysha Matsunobu – Algebra 2 & Triganometry Certificate

Sivan Najita – Algebra 1 Certificate

Madison Pozner – Algebra 2 & Triganometry Certificate

Keala Prietto – Algebra 1 Certificate

Sport Award Recipients

Danielle Gersonde – P.E. Grade 6 Certificate

Keanu Mead – P.E. Grade 8 Certificate

Skye Waipa – P.E. Grade 7 Certificate

Grace Bertelsen – Conditioning Certificate

Marisa McCann – Yoga Certificate

Performing Arts Award Recipients

Daniel Gregg – Best Actor The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Briana Boche – Best Actress The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Jesse Tarnas – Best Supporting Actor The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Olivia Armandroff – Best Supporting Actress The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Tawny Bright – Best Technician The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Lauren Sweere – Most Valuable Player The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Briana Boche – Directors Award The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Daniel Gregg – Best Actor Les Miserables

Helena Bohannan – Best Actress Les Miserables

Paul Gregg – Best Supporting Actor Les Miserables

Briana Boche – Best Supporting Actress Les Miserables

Tawny Bright – Best Technician Les Miserables

Maia Tarnas – Most Valuable Player Les Miserables

Aidan Wharton – Directors Award Les Miserables

Zen M. Kuriyama – Best Vocalist in a musical production

McCrae Johnston – Career Achievement Award

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