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Kaiser using new media to help people thrive


Kaiser Permanente Hawaii has announced the launch of an online physical activity program: Thrive Across Hawaii.

The free program, available to all employees of any business offering a Kaiser Permanente health plan, helps individuals and teams monitor and improve their health and fitness through a virtual experience.

Each participating company will have a dedicated team website for their employees. After registering online, staff start their virtual tour of some of Hawaii’s most interesting places by logging their real-world physical activity minutes. The more minutes of exercise they log each day the greater their progress along the route.

Trail highlights include historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and famous recreation areas. As they progress, participants learn about the sites and gain helpful tips on exercise and nutrition.

Employees can select to go it alone and track their individual progress or form teams for a little friendly competition. As team members enter their physical activity minutes, they earn points. The more they exercise, the better the team does.

The team competition is designed to run eight weeks, but employees can continue to track their physical activity and travel the trail as many times as they want for the rest of the year.

“You are more likely to succeed with healthy changes when you have a good support system,” said Miki Arume, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii worksite wellness consultant. “This program turns exercise and good nutrition into a social event that you can do with your friends at work.”

“We’re the first company to use Thrive Across Hawaii because we know encouraging our employees to get more exercise and improve their health is good business,” said HEMIC President and CFO, Jason Yoshimi. “We appreciate this free interactive program that Kaiser Permanente is opening up to all our staff, regardless of their health coverage.”

The program is based on an online tool Kaiser Permanente implemented last year for its own employees. The program and competition were so popular and successful the tool was localized and offered to all Kaiser Permanente Hawaii employer groups.

To take advantage of this free workforce health program, employers can register their company at

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