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Hawaii Energy helping residents improve efficiency


As part of ongoing efforts to help the Hawaii residents save energy and money, Hawaii Energy will be piloting a new Home Energy Report program this month.

The reports will offer energy use peer comparisons, household energy use insights, personalized tips on how to reduce electricity bills and energy use progress tracking to a select group of 15,000 residents during this initial test.

“We are pleased to offer this special program through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds made available by the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism’s State Energy Office,” said Ray Starling, Hawaii Energy program manager. “We expect that this pilot program will prove to be another useful tool in our arsenal to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on imported oil.”

Under the new program, updated Home Energy Reports will be sent on a regular basis to help residents understand their energy use throughout the year and provide tips on how to save. Similar peer comparison programs have been shown to be successful in other states.

“Promoting increased personal energy awareness and giving Hawaii ratepayers the information they need to make smart energy choices will help them save and play a significant role in achieving the goals of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative,” said Estrella Seese, Acting Energy Program Administrator, DBEDT’s State Energy Office. “We are pleased to be able to support such important programs affecting Hawaii’s energy future.”

The Home Energy Report program is among many other offerings by Hawaii Energy. The program continues to assist residents and business in making decisions and investments in energy conservation and efficiency as well as education and outreach.

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  1. Nathan Petherbridee says:

    Aloha, My family is strange,. My wife stays home and runs the air conditioner during the day, cause Ewa is so hot. Our ceiling fans run when we are in the rooms. I try to encourage the rest of the family to save and turn off lights, etc. My step-son who lives with us and is 33 yrs old, and lazy runs his computer all night. I ‘ve asked him to turn it off, but he refuses too. I ask him to contribute to our bills, but he is not working. His mom won’t kick him out, and she says well he is family too. I am trying to work and take care of repairs, bills, and the savings. WE could us some help and solar power. WE don’t have the money, but our interested. We don’t have any additional money for finaaning, but could talk about it. WE try to keep up our bill payments, but with only one income and a low one its HARD! Mahalo Nui Loa, and Aloha


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