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Force Protection Condition at Army installations raised to ‘Bravo’

Pohakuloa Training Area was at Force Protection Condition ALPHA until today (May 1) when it along with Army installations worldwide increased to level BRAVO. Hawaii 24/7 file photo.


Due to heightened security, the Army has increased precautions at its installations by raising the Force Protection Condition (FPCON) to “Bravo.” Commuters should allow extra time, especially during the morning hours, in accessing Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, Tripler Army Medical Center, Fort Shafter and other facilities.

What is the Force Protection Condition?
Force Protection Conditions (FPCON) exist with varying degrees of restrictiveness in order to protect U.S. military interests. The more restrictive conditions are generally reserved for periods of suspected or anticipated terrorist activity. There are four Force Protection Conditions:


The condition level depends upon the nature and extent of the threat with Delta being the highest level.

What should I do?
All personnel are reminded to lock parked vehicles and inspect vehicles for suspicious items before entering and driving them.

Report all suspicious activities to the military police at 808-655-7114 (North region), 808-438-7114 (South region) or 808-969-2429 (Pohakuloa Training Area).

According to the Directorate of Emergency Services, USAG-HI (U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii) may be one of many installations that do not utilize scanners at our access control points, but we are working to implement such systems here in Hawaii. We will implement some of the new technology within the next 30 days and the community will see more significant advances in 2012.

Access requirements have not changed-all vehicles with stickers need their ID. Vehicles without need to enter through a visitor gate with their ID, proof of insurance and registration ready.

However, visitors and residents can expect longer wait times to access post due to more vehicle checks and thorough ID checks.

Editor’s note: According to the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii, “Nothing specific has caused the increase – just increased security precautions.”

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  1. Endorpha says:

    “Nothing specific has caused the increase – just increased security precautions.”

    Nothing but the killing of Bin Laden, eh? I guess that secret was worth lying about…maybe “no comment” would have worked just as well.


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