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National Guard ready to help non-profits with labor

From Deann Canuteson, project coordinator for KOA (Ka‘u Opportunities and Abilities):

Aloha all,

I have worked with the Air National Guard Innovative Readiness Training program to provide the guardsmen training in Hawaii. They have an engineering program which provides guardsmen in training to do free labor for non-profits or city, county, state governments.

If you have a project coming up where you can raise the money for materials, but need labor, this may be the opportunity you need.

I am in contact with Master Sgt Charles (Chip) Stoyer. They are currently planning their itinerary for a trip to Hawaii. I would be happy to facilitate a meeting with them for you if you are interested.

This is not only for those I am sending this to. If you know of other organizations which could use this help, please provide me their contact or have them contact me and I will provide them information and set up a meeting.

My focus is the district of Ka‘u, but if you are outside that area, I can help connect you to the correct people.

If you are not the appropriate person to receive this for your organization, please forward.

This is an opportunity that non-profits need to take advantage of in this difficult time. Thank you.


Deann Canuteson, Project Coordinator
Family Support Services of West Hawaii, KOA (Kau Opportunities and Abilities) Project
PO Box 197
Naalehu, HI 96772
929-8066 (fax)
929-9611 (office)

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