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Coffee farmers helping Japanese farmer victims


Farmers helping Farmers. That is the kokua behind the fund being established by the Kona Coffee Farmers Association.

The KCFA will collect money to send to farmer-organizations in Japan to directly help farmers and their families who are victims of the recent shocking events, many now without homes, land, and crops.

Hawaii has a special relationship with Japan based on our many Japanese visitors and our kamaaina Japanese-Americans. The recent earthquake and tsunami caused enormous devastation in Northern Japan and affected all of us.

KCFA member Page Trygstad said, “Think of this appeal as a ‘virtual barn raising’, where neighbors all come together to help one farmer put up a new barn. Then next time someone needs a new barn they all go there. In our case think ‘drying deck raising.'”

The KCFA will accept donations, which will be forwarded to appropriate farmer organizations in Japan for dispersal to farmers and their families who have been displaced or otherwise financially injured by the earthquake and tsunami.

Donations designated for the Kona Coffee Farmers Association Tsunami Farmer Fund are being accepted at the Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union (HCFCU).

Donations can also be made through the KCFA website at…?

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