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Yagong proposes extending furloughs and requesting a pay cut for police and fire personnel

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Hawaii County Council Chair Dominic Yagong held a press conference Friday (March 18) to discuss the the budget submitted by Mayor Billy Kenoi.

Yagong proposes a continuation of the county worker furloughs through the next fiscal year along with un-funding more vacant positions. Yagong said fire and police personnel got a pay raise the past year, which was part of their contract, and would like them to take a pay cut as they were not part of the furlough program. Yagong called it a ‘shared sacrific’ to help balance the budget.

4 Responses to “Yagong proposes extending furloughs and requesting a pay cut for police and fire personnel”

  1. B.Pua LinChai says:

    Mr.Yagong, you sound as though you are trying to settle some grievance with someone or something, by initiating a bill to cut wages from the Police Department/ Fire Department. How can you make cuts, unless you yourself have cut your wages? Something is wrong with this whole council committee. Are you an infiltrator to the corporation? I can’t believe you got into this position, if you are for the people. The Balancing of the Budget comes from the top. Start “accepting” the Budget for “value”, and get those costly figures, and have it discharged by our US Treasury….Debt can be paid by Debt….think about that remedy!! and you can definitely balance the budget…

  2. repulicoftheSoH says:

    Time for the corporation to step aside there is a new sheriff in town. Your services are no longer required. The Republic is here.

  3. repulicoftheSoH says:

    Why does the county have so many new fancy vehicles??? You should be driving governmen’t surplus vehicles or walking some of the fat off your lazy You need to be laying off all the crony family relatives off and have no more than 1 member of any family working for the county. Stop spraying all the expensive killer chemicals all over the aina. You are making us sick spraying over and over the same places. These chemicals are blowing in the wind along our roads and streets. We will be looking at the money being spent on people killing chemicals that are hurting everone. Too many parks jobs to many government jobs. Cut jobs back to the same equal proportion civilian jobs have been cut back to.

  4. B.Pua LinChai says:

    “Share Sacrifice” mmmmm….The regular county worker on the Parks / Recreation picking up trash, working 4 hr and getting paid 8 hours…a Firefighter works 24 hr. sacrifice his time away from family. Putting his life on the line, on a house fire, and maybe it could be the county worker’s house. Or a policeman,stopping a DUI from driving because it turned out it was a relative of the county worker…, explain to me how this is share sacrifice,


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