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Photos from Kealakekua Bay and Napoopoo

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Editor

A couple of local shutterbugs have been kind enough to share their photos with Hawaii 24/7.

Here’s a few from Anne Irene Wilcox …


And, yes, this is a house floating in Kealakekua Bay.

It used to be the two story vacation rental on Manini Beach.

Photo is courtesy of Dustin Ballesteros.

This photo is was taken by Lopaka Command, high above the bay, but still showing the impact of the tsunami.

33 Responses to “Photos from Kealakekua Bay and Napoopoo”

  1. Jerry Wion says:

    Awesome photos Anne Irene Wilcox – Take more,we in IOWA want to see them.

  2. Such tragic destruction, my heart is breaking for all who are touched by this horrific disaster. God be with you all and surely every country and state will be in my prayers today and tonight for a long while to come. Thank-you and God Bless us all, and be with all those touched by this terrible tradgedy, Love to all, Sandy

  3. Judi Cutee says:

    Those of us who have fond memories of a very special in Hawaii feel the pain those of you there are experiencing. My husband and I have awesome picture and wonderful memories of this great snorkeling spot as one of the best in Hawaii. We sat on the beach after a long day in the water just so I could take a sunset picture forever saved in my scrapbook. Keep the faith Paradise is not lost you can recover and remember it could have been so much worse.

  4. judith anderson says:

    Our My God … thank you for the share. Yes I too have many memories.Beautiful ones… Please protect this sacred earth and the special people who are guardians to this sacred places. Hang in there and work together. Have strength. and Faith.. Blessings Aloha ~ Judith Angelfin

  5. Renate-Birgit Uilani Moschner says:

    Aloha, Ke Akua be with all of you.
    And we remember the swimm with Roberta and her dolphins.
    Still I cannot belive our impressions, the experience with the wales, dolphins, the wonderful Roberta and captain Kit, such warm heart touching people.
    In the TV we cannot take many informations about the situation in Hawaii, they send all about Japan.

    And we left Hawaii 10 days ago and have been on all this wonderful places, wonderful people and in the Alohaspirit.

    I wish all the best and my heart and soul is with all of yours,
    we cannot do much, but be in love and Aloha from Germany
    Renate and Peter

  6. Renate-Birgit Uilani Moschner says:

    Aloha von Deutschland,
    wir sind erschüttert über die Fotos, die Kathastrope im Pazifik, die Menschen, Tiere und denken ganz fest an Euch alle. Wir bekommen nicht viel Informationen über Hawaii, hauptsächllich über Japan.
    Wir sind vor 10 Tagen zurückgekommen von diesen unglaublichen Erlebnissen mit Roberta, Kaptn Kit und den Delphinen.
    Noch haben wir das nicht wirklich realisiert, was wir da erlebten.
    Wir sind dankbar für alle diese Geschenke, die wundervollen Menschen und das Abschiedgeschenk der Wale, die uns eine unbeschreibliche grossartige Show geliefert haben.
    Alles Liebe Renate Uilani und Peter

  7. Shouldn’t you really be thinking of the people of Japan who REALLY felt the force of all this.
    And not some part time resdents who losta aheavily insured holiday home?

    • mar y sol says:

      Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy. Of course we are horrified by the suffering in Japan. It is true that many of the damaged properties in Hawai’i are vacation homes, however, there was also a lot of damage to a small village further south. And we should feel compassion for everyone’s loss big or small.

    • Correy Smith says:

      Just need something negative to say today?….. Not just “holiday Homes” were affected. Think of the waters here with all the debris that will take months to clean up. If there are houses floating in the bay , then there most likely massive amounts of debris in a once beautiful marine sanctuary. No one is not acknowledgeing the devastaion in JP. Don’t be a jerk.

    • Kilikina says:

      Voice of Reason: Most of the destroyed homes were local peoples’ modest family residences–and probably not insured against tsunamis. We who live by Kealakekua Bay feel for ALL who are suffering.

      • Chuck Leslie says:

        My brother is not a part-time resident, and neither are the Mitchells whose house now house another house sitting on it. And to say we arenÊ»t thinking of Japan is not true. Voice of Reason my akole. Stupid – move back to where you came from.

    • hapodemello says:

      Voice of Reason,I live in Napoopoo and only one of those homes was a vacation rental.The rest was my freinds and neighbors and that’s their ONLY home,I believe.The owner of blue house floating in the bay is my friends too and although they part time residents,I’m sure they devastated.Also,the home we spend 2 days trying to clean up,is not insured,and everything they had was destoyed.We aware of Japan and feel for them.But we do have some clen up and rebuilding to do closer to home.But we really ARE thinking and talking about Japan.The Red Cross brought us plenty water and dinner tonite.Many people helping each other down here.

  8. Ann says:

    We have visited this place many times and it is known to our family as the Magic Dolphin Bay. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you work to restore this beautiful place.

  9. Terry Neumann says:

    Makes my heart sad to see one of Hawai’i’s “local” places damaged like that. Lived in Kona for 15 years. Had Orchid Isle Appliance service there. Would always go to da beach there and eat lunch any time I had service calls in the area. Had my first shark experience there while swimming to Cptn Cooks Monument. Scary times for me and my son but not as scary as waking up to your house swimming with the dolphins. I thank God that nobody was hurt there.

    Da Haoleman

  10. Ginger Foust says:

    If you check my facebook page (Ginger Foust), you can see a before photo of that floating house. The devastation for all concerned is a real tragedy! We are grateful that our aloha home is ok.

  11. hapodemello says:

    Thank you all you guys.I get to see um all up close because I live in Napoopoo.Been a looong 2 days of cleanihg up.Only the blue house floating in the water is vacation rental.All the rest was peoples homes.Their only homes,I think.We all aware of Japan and send out our deepest regrets and best wishes.

    • Kahu Pua says:

      Do you know our ohana, Kamauoha Ohana….married into the
      Manuia ohana, Napoopoo to Keaukaha; I live in Maui…and
      we continue to pray for all healing in spirit and life+

  12. Thank you for what has been with the tsumani. I can’t see anything with my TV. I guess they have nothing with Hawaii. I an so sorry for you and for Japan. Love Mary

  13. Robin says:

    Napoopoo and Kealekekua Bay folks: you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are grateful for the aloha spirit that was shared with us when we visited, and we pray for strength and healing for all of you who live and play there. Mahalo, aloha, thank you for all the love you share to those of us who come to seek healing there.

  14. jenny says:

    My prayers go out to everyone down at the bay and to the people of Japan. It is now more than ever that we need aloha in this time of need.I am sending Aloha to everyone,god bless you all.

  15. Trish says:

    Shame on you “Voice”. What has happened to Japan is devestating, and what has happened on Hawaii has been overshadowed by this tradgedy. Good people have lost their homes, yet our media reports “no damage”. Even though it’s on a much smaller scale, it’s no less terrible to those people affected. The people of Hawaii are some of the kindest most giving people I’ve ever met, and of course they are thinking of Japan, even with their own mess to clean up. So while they are taking action, what are you doing to help? Have you given any contributions lately other than running off at the mouth?

  16. Lindsey Truxel says:

    I kept looking for any damage to Hawaii. My class was watching on T.V. We were glad to see that you had no damage but I guess that information is wrong. You have had some terrible damage. I am so sorry for your loss. It is a beautiful place. I have visited your community twice. Once just last year and from what I understand about the people of this community is they will come together and fix it up because it is your home. One of the most beautiful on earth. Our thoughts are with you and I will share with my kids that the tsunami did hit the good people of Hawaii and not just Japan.

  17. Christina says:

    I can’t say how many days I have spent on the chunky white coral of Manini beach, on the balmy grounds at Honaunau, or swimming from Napoopoo to Captain Cook’s monument. I remember eating bao from the cart at Napoopoo as a kid back when it was a sandy beach. Anakele once rescued my family and I when we decided we would try the hike from the top to Captain Cook’s and were too exhausted to climb back.

    I can imagine Kealekekua Bay is devastated and my heart goes out to the families.

    How has it impacted the fish life and the sea turtle family that lived between Manini and Napoopoo? I can only imagine the debris in the water right now. Did the waves destroy the coral too? Do the fish still have something to eat?

  18. Trish says:

    In the last picture… is that all debris in the water?

  19. you live in a sacred place. your community embodies the spirit of aloha. . Even though i am only a part timer, I love the land you walk on. I find peace in the warm salt water. I give thanks every time i return and cry every time i have to leave. I known your dolphins and delight in snorkeling on your reefs. MAHALO for working so hard to clean up the bay. If i were there, I’d help you. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered loss.

  20. John Alvaro says:

    Aloha Renate and Peter , I read your entry on 24/7 and could not believe it. Please send your email address to I talked to Will in Austin a while ago, same old Will. Hope to hear from you soon. John & Lisa

  21. Theresa says:

    We were in Kona (south Alii Dr) when the sirens went off. Scary to hear for a mainlander. Our plan for the day of the Tsunami was to snorkel/kayak & see the Capitan cook monument. We ended up “sleeping” in Walmart parking lot. We changed plans & went for higher ground exploring instead during the day. I wish I was able to stay & help with the clean-up. :(
    (left on the Sunday morning)

  22. Jack Shuster says:

    Thanks to Steve Lopez for forwarding. I’ve been away for 3 years and three months. I hope Cathy and Jeff Lewis of Napoopoo made it through okay. I’d appreciate it if someone could let me know as I have no contact info for them. (575) 257-0871 in Ruidoso, NM

  23. Wow. I never knew the effect of last year’s tsunami was that bad. On Oahu nothing happened. We never saw scenes like this on the media. Wonder why? But it’s good that we can see them now. Thanks for posting them!


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