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Green’s mid-point update

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Video by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

Dear Friends,

As the 2011 legislative session approaches its mid-point, I would like to report that I am still fighting for important legislation and major improvements in healthcare, education, and law enforcement for West Hawaii.

My proposed Hawaii Health Corps measure will establish a loan repayment program to help keep doctors and nurses in Hawaii, so our community will have the health professionals we need.

To further strengthen our healthcare system, I have requested $16 million for improvements to Kona and Kohala Hospitals that will help these facilities provide quality care to everyone in West Hawaii.

In addition, I am pushing for $15 million to invest in an expansion of West Hawaii Community College to better serve our students.

Finally, we are seeking $11.5 million to build a new courthouse in Kona that will make our justice system safer and more efficient for our judges, juries, and police force.

These capital improvements will create jobs, expand services, and bring needed investment to West Hawaii so that our economy and civic life continue to grow.

Please contact me any time with your ideas and concerns. Let’s keep working together to achieve great results and make West Hawaii an even better place to live.


Josh Green
State Senator
District 3, West Hawaii

2 Responses to “Green’s mid-point update”

  1. Henry says:

    Senator Green,

    Appreciate your update. Thanks. Your idea of loan repayment idea for retaining doctors and nurses is interesting. Why does Hawaii, especially the Big Island, have such a hard time retaining physicians here? They come and go. What is your diagnosis? Has this been studied?

  2. Punatic says:

    Would have been nice if you supported the tax on junk soft drinks and helped Hawaii’s Death With Dignity act go through instead of blocking both. Are you really a doctor or even a Democrat?


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