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Coffee Berry Borer update

Information forwarded by Clayton M. Nagata, state Department of Agriculture’s Plant Quarantine Branch county supervisor.

Kona Coffee Berry Borer Treatment Center

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions (SIPS) Service

* Sandwich Isle has leased space from Kona Trans located at 74-5039 Queen Kaahumanu Highway

* The CBB Treatment Center includes approximately 400 SF of yard space including a Fumigation Chamber which is a modified 20′ shipping container that was ready to begin fumigations Dec. 21.

* Customers (farmers/processors) will schedule directly with SIPS by completing the Fumigation Service Request form via email or fax, the customer must provide all details regarding shipper information, number of bags and number of total lbs, Young Brothers Bill of Lading Number, Shipping Destination, requested fumigation date, planned barge shipping date and sign a credit card authorization to reserve their space in the chamber and pay for the treatment.

* SIPS contacts:
Suzie Schaefer, Executive Assistant (PH) 456-7716, (Fax) 456-7266, (email)
Suzie is the primary point of contact at SIPS for scheduling fumigations
Nikki Cruz, CSR Commodity Fumigation (PH) 456-7716, (Fax) 456-7266, (email)
Ian Mateo, General Manager (email)
Michael Botha, President (email)

* Fee charged for service will be based upon a flat rate of $1,000 plus tax to treat the CBB Treatment Chamber. Since the same quantity of fumigant, labor and expenses shall be incurred regardless of the contents of the CBB Treatment Chamber, the total fee ($1,000 plus tax) shall be divided by the number of bags being fumigated. This means that the fee maybe variable based upon the number of bags scheduled for the specific treatment date.

* Maximum quantity of bags that can be treated in CBB Treatment Chamber at one time is 240 bags, or 16 pallets of 15 x 100 lb bags per pallet, or 24,000 lbs of coffee

* The most economical treatment scenario would be:
Loading 240 bags (24,000 lbs)
$1,000 ÷ 240 bags = $4.17/bag or $0.042/lb

* The least economical scenario would be:
Loading 1 bag (100 lbs)
$1,000 ÷ 1 bag = $1,000/bag or $10.00/lb

* Example of a real life scenario would be:
Loading 60 bags (6,000 lbs)
$1,000 ÷ 60 bag = $16.67/bag or $0.166/lb

* SIPS will forward a Fumigation Order Summary that summarizes all Fumigation Service Requests to Kona Trans.

* Kona Trans will be responsible for receiving, preparing for fumigation, verifying that received bags matches ordered quantities identified on Fumigation Order Summary and loading the chamber, they will notify SIPS if the orders need to be adjusted

* SIPS will verify adjusted quantities and attempt to contact client to approve changes

* Profume fumigations will initially be scheduled once per week in an effort to maximize the volume of coffee treated which will minimize cost per bag for farmers. Initially fumigation applications will be scheduled 3:30 p.m. Tuesdays, this will require that Kona Trans receives all bags by noon on Tuesday. The fumigation process will likely take 1 hour to set up, 15 – 18 hours exposure, 1 hour to take down and complete aeration, then clear for reentry.

* Timeline
Tuesday noon Kona Trans loads container
Tuesday 3.30pm SIPS applies Fumigant
Wednesday 6.30am – 9.30am SIPS completes fumigation, ventilation and aeration
Wednesday 10.00am – 12.00pm aerated CBB Chamber turned over to Kona Trans for unloading, wrapping and shipping

The coffee may remain inside the fumigation chamber until ready for processing, unless another fumigation is scheduled, which will require the coffee is removed and placed in an isolated holding area managed by Kona Trans. After fumigation the pallets will be wrapped and bagged, then delivered to Young Brothers by Kona Trans. Tuesday shipment will be sent out on the Friday barge.

* An alternate fumigation date may also be scheduled as needed, preferably at 3:30 p.m. Friday to be shipped on the Tuesday barge. By consolidating as many bags in one container we can keep the cost per bag down, the fixed expenses to treat a container for 1 or 240 bags will remain the same, as the process is identical for us, therefore fewer bags will result in a higher fumigation cost per bag.

* (Subject to change, this information is a summary of recent discussions with USDA) SIPS will document that a bag of coffee has been treated. Until a formal certification has been approved by USDA/DOA SIPS will coordinate with Kona Trans to place a dated SIPS sticker or certificate on each bag. For each shipment lot, an indication that an individual bag represents one of XXX number of bags in the shipment lot. The bill of lading for the inventory would have the same information (i.e., Shipper, date and no. of bags treated, applicator). The PQ inspector will likely reconcile the shipment at the departure/inspection point. Shippers may want to keep shipping lots to different processors as separate treatment lots to avoid confusion down the line with broken down lots. A certification stamp on the bill of lading may be a good way to verify treatment.

Kona Trans Service

Kona Trans receiving schedule:
* Receive between 8 a.m. Thursday and noon Friday. Ship on Tuesday barge (Requires special arrangement with SIPS for treatment)
* Receive between 8 a.m. Monday and noon Tuesday. Ship on Friday barge

* Customer Service Representatives:
Keely Skyberg. 334-3261. fax: 329-5546
Davina Kotake 334-3263.
Kristen Paleudis 329-4111
Dispatcher: Damien Julius 329-7077
Chief dispatch and Frt Operations: Elton Kotake. 329-7076. Handling Rates

* Receiving, unloading from customer’s truck,(must be suitable for f/l handling) unwrap s/wrap, label bags, load into chamber, remove from container: 1.00/bag

* Prep for shipping: poly cover, s/wrap and strap to pallet $1.00/bag
* SIT: RVNX 30 cents per pound $.25/bag/day.
* LT storage $2.00/bag/month
* Non-palletized bags will be assessed a handling fee of $.50/bag

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  1. The Kona Coffee Farmers Association is totally opposed to any pesticide fumigation and our name was mistakenly used as a source for this news story. Mahalo


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