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UH Board of Regents candidates revealed


The Regents Candidate Advisory Council has presented a list of candidates to Gov. Neil Abercrombie to fill four seats on the University of Hawaii Board of Regents, including two City and County of Honolulu seats, a Hawaii County seat and a Maui County seat.

The outgoing regents, whose terms will end June 30, include Mark Fukunaga and Howard Karr (City and County of Honolulu) and Carl Carlson (Hawaii County). The term of Maui County Regent James Haynes ended June 30, 2010 but was held over by former Gov. Linda Lingle.

RCAC began the recruitment process during fall 2010 to attract qualified candidates. Upon completion of applicant interviews, background and reference checks, RCAC finalized the list of candidates that was presented to the governor.

Abercrombie must select nominees for the Board of Regents from this list, and his appointments must be confirmed by the State Senate during the current legislative session.

In addition, Clifford Dias, representing the other Hawaii County seat, is on an interim appointment and must be confirmed by the State Senate for a permanent appointment.

The finalists for the four seats are:

* City and County of Honolulu (2 seats for terms beginning July 1, 2011)
1. Terri T. Fujii
2. Mark H. Fukunaga
3. Coralie C. Matayoshi
4. Dale F. Saito
5. Jan N. Sullivan
6. Keith M. Vieira

* Hawaii County (1 seat for term beginning July 1, 2011)
1. Carl A. Carlson, Jr.
2. Sandra W. Scarr

* Maui County (1 seat for term beginning immediately upon Senate consent and confirmation)
1. Sherrilee K. Dodson
2. Georgia K. McMillen
3. Saedene K. Ota

Recruitment for the next round of vacancies on the Board of Regents, which include another City and County of Honolulu seat, a Kauai County seat, an At-Large seat and a Student seat, will begin in early fall of this year.

Members of the UH Board of Regents, as well as the Regents Candidate Advisory Council, who represent various constituent groups, serve voluntarily and are not paid.

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