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HIHS to benefit from Tellington TTouch session (Feb. 10)


Linda Tellington-Jones will host an afternoon learning session and fundraiser for Hawaii Island Humane Society from 2-4 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 10 at the Keauhou Kona Yacht Club at Keauhou Bay.

Tellington-Jones, PhD (Hon), is the world-renowned author, creator and founder of the Tellington TTouch Method, a gentle form of bodywork for the enhancement of behavior, performance and health of companion animals and horses.

According to Tellington-Jones, the Tellington TTouch is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body.

“The intent of TTouch is to support the healing potential of the body,” she said.

This method, based on cooperation and respect, offers a positive approach to training that can improve performance and health. It presents simple solutions to common behavioral and physical problems including excessive barking and chewing, leash pulling, jumping, aggressive behavior, fear and shyness, resistance to grooming, and more.

It also helps establish a deeper rapport between humans and animals through increased understanding and more effective communication.

“I participated in the half day TTouch workshop at the Keauhou Yacht Club last year and the full day workshop held at the Dragonfly Ranch with my German shepherd name Shelby,” said Mavis Hirate. “TTouch has changed my relationship with Shelby. She is not perfect and I understand that she is still very young but she calms down much more quickly than in the past and I have more confidence working with her. I [use the TTouch methods] and see a definite change.”

Participants will learn how to do TTouch on the mouth, ears, tail and paws of their dogs. They will also learn selected exercises in the Playground for Higher Learning under Tellington-Jones’ watchful eye, and with the assistance of other TTouch teachers.

A limited number of participants may bring their own dog, but dogs from Hawaii Island Humane Society will be available to practice with as well.

Register by Monday, Feb. 2 and cost for the 2-hour seminar and training session is just $25. Cost is $35 after Feb. 2. If you are a registered volunteer with Hawaii Island Humane Society, the session is offered to you at just $18. If you plan to bring your own dog, you must email or phone to register your dog in advance for the class.

To register, contact Tellington-Jones at (808) 322-2662, or email

In addition to the two hour seminar and class on Feb. 10, a limited number of dogs will be accepted for work 10 a.m.-noon Feb. 7 and Feb. 8 at Tellington-Jones’ home in Keauhou.

Call to register and get directions. The charge will be a donation to Hawaii Island Humane Society.

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