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Hamakua Youth Center hosts fundraiser

(Photo courtesy of Phyllis Tarail)

Special to Hawaii 24/7 by Kris Bordessa

The Hamakua Youth Center warmed the hearts of many North Hawaii residents with a recent afternoon of culture, music, and food at Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast. A fundraiser for the program, the event offered community members a chance to meet some of the youth and leaders from the center.

Lanakila Mangauil

Music courtesy of Lorna Lim, Ed Yap, and Brad Bordessa set the stage as guests socialized over pupus in the Ahualoa setting. Hamakua Youth Center staff, student and adult participants, and HYC Board of Directors came together to share their experience with the center, stressing just how important it is to the youth and the entire community.

The youth call it “Our House” and suitably, all participants are considered part of the ohana.

The Hamakua Youth Center offers cultural programs as well as a drop-in program. While the cultural programs are funded primarily from grants, the afterschool drop-in program is supported almost entirely by local sources. The drop-in program at the center offers essential services to the youth of Hamakua.

It’s a place of respite for latchkey kids waiting for parents to come home from work; a place for students to get help with homework and enjoy a healthy meal, as well as a place to connect with social services when necessary.

The cultural programs allow students to learn skills, rituals, and traditions based in Hawaiian culture through hands-on lessons.

Fundraiser attendees got to see some of the center’s hula participants in action as Lanakila Mangauil brought his dancers – keiki and adult – on stage. The crowd especially enjoyed the dancers’ presentation of Hiilawe, and later, the chance to see Lanakila dance while Honi Pahio, program coordinator, surprised everyone with her vocals.

Long time Hamakua Youth Center supporter, Carol Salsbury Colbertson, and her husband Mike Colbertson donated the use of Waianuhea Bed and Breakfast and provided refreshments. Their willingness to host the event along with the generous support of the community brings the Center close to reaching its financial goal.

For more information or to offer support to the center, visit hamakuayouthcenter.wordpress.c…

Brad Bordessa, Lorna Lim, Ed Yap (Photo courtesy of Kris Bordessa)

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