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Hirono wants to hear health care reform stories

From Congresswoman Mazie Hirono:


Have you been able to add your kids to your health plan now that coverage is available to children up to age 26?

Did receiving a $250 check to help pay for medications take some of the sting out of falling into the Medicare Part D prescription donut hole?

Has your small business or non-profit taken advantage of tax credits that make health insurance more affordable?

Health care reform has made a difference in the lives of many island families. I want to hear your story.

Next week, the House will debate the Patient’s Rights Repeal Act, which will undo all the progress that has already been made in ending unfair insurance practices and providing real consumer protections.

I do not support repeal. If you share my concerns about repeal, I’d like to hear your story. Please visit my website and fill out the Health Care Story webform.

Or, call my Hawaii office at one of the following phone numbers (all calls are free):

Hawaii Island: 935-3756
Lanai: 565-7199
Maui: 242-1818
Molokai: 552-0161
Oahu: 541-1986

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference. Your story is an important part of the success of health care reform.

Mazie K. Hirono
Member of Congress
2nd District of Hawaii

One Response to “Hirono wants to hear health care reform stories”

  1. Choon James says:

    Aloha Congresswoman Hirono,

    I’m not against health care. But I have great apprehension on the process and the fact that there are still many fiscal consequences to this bill that have not been examined. Lawmakers did not even read the bill. The Tort Reform that is a big part of health care concerns was not addressed. We should have taken time to analyze this very important program. It became a political show-down. It should have been done in a professional and business-like manner instead.

    The fact that the federal government is increasingly indebted to China and also suffering unprecedented trillions of fiscal debt concerns the average citizens greatly. We are not heading towards the right direction.


    Choon James
    55-052 Naupaka Street
    Laie Hawaii 96762


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