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State now charges non-resident entry fees at Akaka Falls State Park


HILO – The Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of State Parks today began charging entry fees, for non-residents and commercial tour vehicles going to ‘Akaka Falls State Park. The fee is $5 per car and an attendant will be on duty. Hawai‘i residents who show a local ID will not have to pay a parking fee.

“Fees paid by our commercial and out-of-state visitors to high traffic parks, will help offset the shortfalls currently facing the state parks budget and the need to generate new sources of income to help our park system become more self-sufficient,” said Dan Quinn, State Parks administrator.

The Division of State Parks staff held a public information meeting in Hilo on December 2 to explain to members of the public and to commercial tour representatives the pricing and how the fees would be collected.

Diamond Parking will collect fees for Division of State Parks. Fees for commercial tour vehicles are as follows: Public Utilities Commission- (PUC) regulated commercial vehicles will pay: 1-7 passenger vehicles: $10.00 per trip; 8-25 passenger vehicles: $20.00 per trip; 26 + passenger vehicles: $40.00 per trip.

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