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McManaman named to lead Human Services Dept.


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has appointed Pat McManaman as Director of Department of Human Services.

“The Department of Human Services is the prime example of the challenge we are facing in Hawaii,” Abercrombie said. “Given the weak economy of the past few years, government and charitable resources are at their lowest just at the time when the need for human services is highest. Furthermore, DHS resources have been depleted, plans for the department have been unclear, and morale among its public employees is understandably low.”

McManaman has been the Deputy Executive Director for the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission since November 2008. Previously she was the Chief Executive Officer for Na Loio – Immigrant Rights and Public Interest Legal Center for 12 years.

Practicing law in Hawaii since 1979, she has held public interest legal positions with the Office of the Public Defender, Office of Consumer Protection, and the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii. She has been a per diem judge in the District Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii for 17 years.

McManaman’s appointment will have to be confirmed by the state Senate.

Abercrombie said of his latest appointee: “Pat McManaman is a true public servant with the intelligence, compassion, and character to lead DHS in these challenging times. She understands that government cannot do this alone, and she has the credibility and skill to bring everyone together and forge solutions that will meet the needs of our families.”

Abercrombie has announced 12 department directors and six deputy directors of his Cabinet. Governor Abercrombie is still interviewing applicants for the directors of the following departments: Health, Attorney General, Defense and Transportation.

The selections come after a process that began with applicants submitting their resumes through the transition website,

The process, led by Transition Director Bill Kaneko, includes collecting input from the community and several rounds of interviews before Abercrombie makes the final decision.

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