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Wang nods head, moves fingers and toes

From David Chen, husband of Theresa Wang, who is recovering from injuries sustained in the Nov. 19 car crash that also injured Colt Brennan:

Monday, Dec. 6

Aloha to our ohana around the world,

Sunday is celebrated as a day of rest in much of the world however this did not apply to Theresa’s ICU room.

Her continued non-responsiveness to stimulus had the specialists concerned, so as people of science normally do, they ordered more diagnostic imaging tests. Although the head CT scan did not reveal any new physical findings, I believe the procedure perturbed Theresa to the point where she made a show of moving her right-side fingers and toes for the evening neurological evaluation.

And to top it off, the overnight nurse reported that Theresa nodded her head YES when asked if she was comfortable. That’s the first confirmed sign of Theresa responding directly since the neck surgery last Tuesday, and another obstacle she has overcome to being weaned off the ventilator.

Thank you to the Lord for yet another miracle on our healing journey.

Sunday also turned out to be a hectic day for me as well. The plan to attend the morning chapel service was siderailed as I waited for the ICU physicians to finish their rounds.

Since Queen’s is a teaching hospital, the attending surgery critical care physician leads the fellows, residents and interns as they round on the patients.

For those who haven’t witnessed their movement, the “Herd” is a sight to behold and it is a fitting description as they move from patient room to room, leaning on their wheeled computer workstations, affectionately called “Cows.”

Two weeks ago, as one of the most critical cases, Theresa was first on the Herd’s grazing path but as her condition has improved, she now falls mid-pack. Another sign of the major progress she has made, thanks in part to your continued prayers and healing thoughts.

And since my plan to give thanks to the major contributor to Theresa’s wellbeing was missed that morning, I spent part of the afternoon at the nearby St. Andrews Catholic Church in silent prayers of gratitude.

Perhaps it is coincidence or divine will but the church was built in 1867 which happens to be the year of Canada’s founding. How miraculous is it that the country that took us in, raised and educated us has the same birthday as this church in faraway Hawaii that is nourishing my faith now.

God is truly in the details.



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