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Lava razes Kalapana Gardens home

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Editor

A Kalapana Gardens home was set ablaze by lava Saturday afternoon and engulfed the structure in about an hour, officials reported.

No injuries were reported.

Lava from Kilauea destroyed another home in the subdivision in July. The homes were built on a 1990 lava flow.

The lava flow had been creeping closer to the house for almost a week, allowing enough time for the owner to remove most personal belongings.

According to the updates from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Kilauea continues to inflate and erupt at two locations:

* On the east rift zone, lava flowed from the TEB vent through tubes to feed an ocean entry; increased surface flow activity west of Kalapana consumed one house Saturday night and continued to threaten nearby structures.

* At the summit, lava deep within an eruptive vent inset within the east wall of Halemaumau Crater continued to circulate, rise, and fall and produced glow visible overnight from the Jaggar Museum. Sulfur dioxide emission rates from the summit and east rift zone vents remained elevated.

Kalapana Gardens is a private subdivision and access will only be granted to subdivision residents. Private property borders highway 130 through Kalapana and no one is allowed access off the highway easement. Police are monitoring the area.

To view photographs and video of Saturday’s activity, see Leigh Hilbert’s website at:…

For the latest update, see:…

Information on the status of the Kalapana lava viewing area is available at 808-961-8093.

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