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O’Hara: Ethics board and Hawaiian Shores Community Association

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Thank you ethics board for dismissing all charges against Ms. Emily Naeole brought against her by Toni Robert, who is currently the president of the Hawaiian Shores Community Association (HSCA)!

Although Ms. Naeole was not reelected, she has shown a positive response by offering to work with Mr. Fred Blas, newcomer to elected office and winner of the November election.

What I felt noteworthy in your article was Ms. Robert’s comment that she was disappointed at the ruling since she considers Ms. Naeole a serial ethics violator. If that is Ms. Robert’s opinion of Ms. Naeole, then why did she volunteer to help with her campaign?

Her complaint appears capricious; supported only by email and Ms. Robert’s second hand information on what she considered mistreatment of Ms. Naeole’s employees. What was Ms. Robert’s motivation in volunteering to assist Ms. Naeole in her campaign?

Ms. Robert’s actions call into question another grievous situation in HSCA wherein the members have paid for a costly and frivolous law suit in which Ms. Robert was one of the plaintiffs.

This law suit, stemming from HSCA mismanagement of its bank accounts, has so far cost the members of HSCA approximately $150,000 as evidenced by the 2008-09 financial statements.

As HSCA needs its limited funds to address infrastructure issues with our private roads, water system and parks, I have to ask all members of HSCA to consider seriously Ms. Robert’s recent actions against Ms. Naeole.

We have an important election on Jan. 15, 2011. I encourage all members to call the HSCA office to ensure they have a valid signature card on file before Dec. 3. Please attend the January meeting in person with a picture ID, your mailed ballot, and your signature envelope.

Together we can redirect this organization on a positive path!

Eileen O’Hara
HSCA member in good standing

2 Responses to “O’Hara: Ethics board and Hawaiian Shores Community Association”

  1. Cameron says:

    What is really noteworthy is that Ms. O’Hara, who professes to want to improve HSCA, is linking HSCA with an ethics complaint which has nothing to do with HSCA. Ms. Robert was not acting on behalf of HSCA when she made the complaint, but did so as a private citizen.

    Why is it that politics brings out the worst in people? Could it be that Ms. O’Hara is seeking a position on the HSCA Board?

    I have heard a very different version of the “lawsuit”. Which makes sense since there are always two sides to every argument. That is what a lawsuit is; a disagreement between parties about the law!

    Just to reiterate my original point “What does this have to do with a private citizen bringing an ethics complaint against an elected County Councilwoman?”

    I question the motives of Ms. O’Hara in her attempt to smear HSCA by linking it to an attack on Councilwoman Naeole.

    • Eileen O'Hara says:

      Aloha Cameron,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I agree that with any law suit there are two sides, although there is only one final judgement. As with any public preceeding there are transcripts of the action. I would suggest that you read those transcripts and the judgement rather than depend on someone else’s interpretation. Bottom line is that the entire cost of that avoidable legal action is being paid by the HSCA membership (check the financials!).

      Why do I link these two actions that involve Ms. Toni Robert? Good question! Because, in my humble opinion, the individuals responsible for managing our community association should be above such litigious and politically motivated behavior. My comments are not a smear on HSCA which is an organization of nearly 1200 lot oweners! I am calling into question the patterns of behavior that are currently affecting the management of HSCA and doing so because those behaviors are impacting the quality of life of all our members in a non positive manner.

      Mahalo for allowing me to respond.


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