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Shepley: go! Mokulele / Mesa Airlines mess up

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It is unfortunate to have to write this comment, but upon arriving for a recent trip to Hawaii, my luggage was lost. When it was returned, the contents were wet and had been damaged due to staining.

I followed all necessary timelines to seek compensation, including going back to the airport mid-vacation to follow up and obtain information, only to be misdirected and given a general run-around.

Customer service agents provided conflicting information, while a recent letter, written and sent to the head offices of both go! Mokulele and Mesa Airlines, has not even been acknowledged!

Customer service has been next-to non-existent, and the airlines have not owned up or taken responsibility for their errors. Nor have they provided any reimbursement for my damaged articles.

Such lack of professionalism is inexcusable!!

As a traveller from Canada, I will not be booking any future flights with these airlines, and feel I must publicize their failures and downfalls as a warning for all. Shame on go! Mokulele and Mesa Airlines!

Heather Shepley
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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