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Crop weather report for the week ending November 7


Windward Wet Weather Continues

Weather Review
Breezy trades and mostly cloudy skies continued to be the case for the drought stricken State. Rainfall was persistent throughout the week and heavy at times in some areas. This was especially the case on the windward coast of the Big Island that received over five inches in multiple locations. Heavy rains helped to alleviate drought conditions in many areas; according to the drought monitor which now has 33 percent of the State under the drought designation of “None”, compared to only 4.4 percent last week. State managed irrigation systems also showed an increase in water levels. Even the suffering Molokai Irrigation System received an increase in levels, a stark change to its slow but constant decrease in water level over the past few months. Despite persistent rains over the past week, the leeward sides of many islands have yet to see sustained recovery especially on the Big Island where the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve and the Kaohe Game Management Area are to remain closed through the end of the year due to continued drought conditions and the extreme fire hazard.

Hawaii County
The Big Island’s conditions over the past week were similar to that of the week prior. Cloudy skies over the windward coast continued to drop heavy rains. Areas, which received three inches over the prior week, went on to receive over five inches this week. Leeward areas were also able to pick up slightly more rain than the previous week which is helping the drought stricken area. The Waimea Irrigation System water level was marked at 50 feet on Friday, November 7th; no change from the previous week’s reading. The current conservation status is unrestricted.

Maui County
Maui County received meaningful rainfall over the week, especially on Molokai, as mentioned earlier. There were major changes in crop conditions.The Molokai Irrigation System water level was marked at 14 feet on Friday, November 4th; an increase of 12 percent from the previous week’s reading 12.5 feet. Phase III mandatory conservation measures remained in effect. Measures included a MANDATORY 30 percent conservation in usage from all non-homestead users.

Honolulu County
Oahu saw partly to mostly cloudy skies throughout the entirety of the last week. The majority of the rainfall occurred during the beginning of the week but showers lingered and dropped some precipitation through the weekend. The Waimanalo Reservoir Irrigation System water level was marked at 30 feet on Friday, November 9th; an increase of 13 percent from the previous week’s reading of 26.5 feet. Phase III mandatory conservation measures remained in effect. Measures included a MANDATORY 30 percent reduction in use and water service limited to Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays between the hours of 7 AM and 3:30 PM.

Note: The Waimanalo Irrigation System was at 26.5 feet on October 29th, rather than the 26 that was published. This represented no change in level from the week ending October 24th.

Kauai County
The county experienced its rains mid to late week and picked up over three inches of rain in Hanalei. Partly cloudy skies throughout the week also deposited nearly double the amount from the previous week at roughly 16 inches of rain during the week.

Agricultural Highlights

Most orchards were in fair to good condition after a week’s worth of steady rain.

Crops were in generally good conditions throughout the State. Some farmers in areas of heavy rainfall mentioned concern about root rot if persistent rains continue. Some minor damage reported from high winds.

Livestock and Pasture
Pastures continued to recover as rainfall was coupled with overcast skies and cooler temperatures.

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