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‘Adam and Eve’ family history eBook released


Regardless of whether or not one believes they were the first humans, Adam and Eve are quite probably the most well-known couple ever. History that has been passed along generation-by-generation for thousands of years says they are the ancestors of everyone alive today.

This Family Forest eBook details, in standard genealogical format, the generation-by-generation progression of a large number of the descendants of Adam and Eve for 100 generations (as well as 90 generations of descendants of Noah of Noah’s Ark), according to recorded history.

These include people who have been portrayed in major Hollywood motion pictures, and people who are themselves the subjects of other Family Forest eBooks, including Milesius of Spain, Constantine the Great, Robert I of Scotland, and King Edward III of England.

Family Forest genealogy eBooks are digital tour guides to ancestral history. They fast-forward readers to a wealth of essential best-of-the-best gems of their family heritage knowledge that are waiting to be discovered in previously recorded ancestral history.

Almost every one of the hundreds of Family Forest titles relates personally to more that one million living people, some titles relate personally to more that one billion living people, and this title is believed to relate personally to everyone alive today.

It lays out generation-by-generation family ties over thousands of years leading from Adam and Eve through The Bible to ancestors that millions of everyday people will instantly recognize as their own.

Until Thanksgiving this 1,940-page Family Forest ancestral history eBook, which contains 11,550 different people, is available at a special introductory price of only $16.95. Normal retail price is $36.95.

Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc.
Kristine M. Harrison

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