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Keahole Solar Power, DHHL kick off Oahu project

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A ground blessing ceremony Wednesday in Kalaeloa, Oahu kicked off the largest Micro-scaled Concentrating Solar Power (MicroCSP) project in the State of Hawaii.

The Kalaeloa Solar One project will produce 5 megawatts of renewable energy for the island of Oahu. Earlier this year, Keahole Solar Power (KSP) partnered with the state Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) to lease land in Kalaeloa to establish a home base for this project.

“Today’s ground blessing marks a tremendous step forward for DHHL and the State of Hawaii in implementing the Lingle-Aiona Administration’s Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative,” said Kaulana H.R. Park, chairman of the Hawaiian Homes Commission.

“This project not only supplies clean renewable energy for Hawaii, but also helps our native Hawaiian beneficiaries. Our partnership with Kalaeloa Solar One and KSP will provide DHHL with rent monies which will in turn be used to build homes and fund educational programs for native Hawaiians,” he said.

“Cost effective Concentrating Solar Power and its energy efficient storage has been proven in Hawaii to help reduce energy volatility solving a key problem found in most renewable systems,” said Edward Lui, independent director of KSP. “KSP is proud to bring MicroCSP to Hawaii, helping our home become a model for renewable energy around the world. We thank our partners, community supporters and staff in helping keep Hawaii green and reduce our addiction to imported oil.”

“The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands is taking the lead in creating sustainable, energy efficient communities for native Hawaiians and our entire community,” said Gov. Linda Lingle. “This partnership with Keahole Solar Power will utilize leading edge technology developed by a local company that will further position Hawaii as a world leader in clean energy.”

“We are making significant progress in transforming Hawaii into a true leader for clean and sustainable energy,” said Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona. “This innovative and collaborative program with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands and Keahole Solar Power is contributing to Hawaii’s long-term clean energy economy.”

The Kalaeloa Solar One’s MicroCSP technology uses mirrored reflectors and optics to intensify solar energy, which in turn increases the system’s energy efficiency. The solar panels track the sun throughout the day which increases the amount of energy the system produces annually and the system includes thermal storage which enables energy to be produced during cloudy conditions or at night.

The project is estimated for completion by the third quarter of 2011.

Keahole Solar Power, LLC. was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of Sopogy, Inc. a technology provider of MicroCSP solar concentrating panels.

Keahole Solar Power, LLC (KSP) is an independent clean energy company with three business units: KSP Development, KSP Generation and KSP Innovation.

KSP Development is focused on the project development of micro-utility scaled solar farms in the 1-25 megawatt class.

KSP Generation is our independent power producer that operates our renewable energy assets.

KSP Innovation developed proprietary thermal energy storage, solar plant controls, system operations and has ongoing activities in helping make our solar projects more efficient.

The goal is to develop 30 megawatts of solar technology in Hawaii by 2015.

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