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South Kona Police Station EA released

The final Environmental Assessment for the proposed South Kona Police Station has been accepted and is available online.

View the complete document at:

The station is planned for a parcel of land that fronts Mamalahoa Highway just north of Kealakekua Ranch Center.

South Kona Police Station (FEA)
Island: Hawaii
District: South Kona
TMK: (3rd) 8-2-01:72 and 84
Permits: Grubbing and Grading, Building Division Approval and Building Permit, Permit for Work in County ROW; Plan Approval; Underground Injection Control Permit
Proposing Agency: Hawaii County Dept of Public Works, 101 Pauahi Street, Suite 7, Hilo HI 96720. David Yamamoto, 961-8331
Approving Agency: Same
Consultant: Geometrician Associates, PO Box 396, Hilo, HI 96721. Ron Terry, 969-7090 FEA accepted by the Approving Agency.
Comments: There is no comment period

The Hawaii County Police Department proposes to construct a new South Kona Police Station in order to better serve the public and improve the efficiency of its operations.

The new station will contain administrative offices, holding cells and other appurtenances.

Construction and operation of the police station is expected to have no more than a minor and temporary effect on traffic.

The site has no significant biological or cultural resources, and effects to archaeological features primarily associated with the modern house and coffee farm have been mitigated through data recovery.

Several aspects of the proposed facility have the potential to produce noise, including the indoor pistol firing range, the air conditioning units, and the parking areas. The design has been developed in coordination with an acoustical consultant and mitigates much of the potential increase in noise. The firing range will have solid concrete floors, walls, and roof, with several layers of other materials that dampen sound, and will be located on the highway side of the property.

The air conditioning equipment located on the roof will be enclosed in a structure and will have vibration springs and reducers. An emergency standby generator will be built partially underground with concrete walls in two directions.

Although vehicles exiting and entering the facility will produce noise, just as they do currently, the parking area located nearest to adjacent homes will not be at the main entrance and is expected to be relatively quiet.

The project will include landscaping to increase the attractiveness of the facility and provide a visual buffer with neighboring residences.

* The final EA appears in the latest issue of Environmental Notice, which informs the public of environmental assessments and other documents that are available for review and comment per HRS §343-3 and is updated on the 8th and 23rd of each month on the Office of Environmental Quality Control’s website:

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