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Kona CDP committee meets on economy, priorities (Oct. 27)


The Kona Community Development Plan’s Action Committee (Kona CDPAC) is inviting the public to a meeting at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27 to discuss ways to vitalize the economy of Kona, and for a review of Priority Projects for 2011.

The discussion will also cover the status of proposals to raise money to finance the CPD’s goals, and a review of the draft Village Design Guideline, recommendations for calibration to local conditions of nationally recognized designs for how to lay out communities.

The meeting will be at the Mayor’s Conference Room at Hanama Place.

The Kona Community Development Plan’s Action Committee (Kona CDPAC) has been active for over a year and is implementing the Kona CDP as mandated by the Plan.

The Committee acts under the auspices of the Hawaii County Planning Department, and is charged with providing ongoing guidance and advocacy to implement the Kona CDP goals, objectives, policies and actions, and to broaden community awareness of the CDP.

This is done by building partnerships with governmental and community-based organizations to implement the Kona CDP policies and actions as well as providing timely recommendations to the county on priorities relating to the county budget.

The meetings schedule is online at as are the agendas and minutes of meetings. The public is encouraged to attend and comment at the beginning and the close of each meeting.

The Planning Department has set up a Kona Design Center to support and expedite the translation and implementation of the Kona CDP goals and design guidelines as applied to proposed development projects.

The Kona Design Center is a catalyst for creative excellence and innovation; promotes coordination and collaboration among the community, government agencies, applicants, landowners, professional, and educational institutions; and provides education on best design practices to applicants, government staff, community members, educators and students. The Design Center will also recognize exemplary projects.

The Kona CDP has presentations every month to assist in meeting its goals. The Hamakua Health Center gave the most recent presentation on building into land use planning the socio-ecological “upstream” life style choice programs in order to minimize a “downstream” response to illnesses medical model.

Other presentations have been on the State Scenic Byway program (there are two proposed for Kona); and an update on the Kamakana Villages Transit Oriented Development (TOD) proposed at Keahuolu. TODs are walk-able multi-use communities that are developed around bus transit lines.

A presentation was also made on an “upstream” program such as the improvements to the Makaeo (Kailua) Park that the county is undertaking.

The Action Committee has had presentations by consultants hired by Hawaii County to build a Financial Plan for implementation of the Kona infrastructure in the Kona CDP. The Financial Plan, with three scenarios, is nearing completion. The Committee also made recommendations to Hawaii County’s Cost of Government Commission.

The Action Committee has three subcommittees: Land Use, Environmental & Cultural Resources; Economic Development; and Transportation & Public Facilities.

Priority projects being pursued for 2010 include: Internalizing KCDP policies into government actions and budgets; creating a financing plan; developing infrastructure support for the TOD; implementing the roadway circulation network, including bike and pedestrian pathways, the Anekeohokalole Highway, Queen Kaahumanu Phase 2 widening and the extensions of Lako St & Laaloa Ave; creating an Open Space network plan; and calibrating the Village Design Guidelines for the new TODs.

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