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Online vehicle registration renewals expected to increase


Ninety-five people have renewed their vehicle registrations online in Hawai`i County since the new program was started almost two months ago, said Lee Lord, Hawaii County Division Manager for Vehicle Registration and Licensing.

This new county service allows vehicle owners to complete their transactions online instead of mailing in their applications or coming to the office.

Lord advised online customers to renew their registrations at least ten working days prior to their expiration date to allow time for processing and mailing. Some customers have been reporting that they received their registration in the mail five days after completing the online process, but Lord said that weekends and holidays could extend that response time. Completing the online renewal form at least ten days prior to expiration is suggested to avoid Late Tax Penalty fees and to remain legal.

Nothing protects the motorist if they’re stopped without a current registration if the online application was submitted too close to the end of the month. However Lord said processing the online application before the expiration date does ensure that no penalty will be incurred for late renewal regardless of when the new registration is received by the customer. To be current, the registration sticker needs to be on the car.

There have been no reported problems due to the new online system, Lord said, except for three customers that did not receive their registrations in the mail on time due to changes in address. The motor vehicle registration Web site and the current registration form clearly state the need to inform the Motor Vehicle Registration office of any address changes. Customers should not renew online if their address is incorrect.

Lord had expected a larger response to the new online service since it was introduced on August 1, but acknowledged that more publicity and familiarity with the online service should increase trust and usage of the program over time. The Motor Vehicle Registration section has placed posters about the program at most county worksites and offices, and will continue to use media outlets to remind the public of the ability to renew online.

A convenience fee of $2.50 plus 2.25% of the total registration fee applies for on-line renewals. Online renewals can be completed at

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