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Tombomb Wahine Classic registration opens

Check-in: 7:00 am
Beach Clean-up: 7:15 am (all contest entrants must participate. Once you’ve checked in, start the clean-up!)
Contest Start: 8:15 am

*Beach entry is as an alternate ONLY. PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE THE DEADLINE!
Event Registration: tombombwahineclassic.eventbrit…

The Tombomb Wahine Classic began to advocate preservation of our coastlines, promote women’s surfing and encourage community involvement. We wanted to have a wahine surf contest and beach cleanup in Kona aimed at encouraging teamwork and camaraderie between women surfers. With is past success, we hope our event helps maintain our momentum promoting wahine surfers and protecting our beaches.

*The Tombomb Wahine Classic is set up on a team format. We will select teams of 5 prior to the event. Each team will be made up of diverse water women from old to young, shortboarder, to longboarder and anywhere in between. Each team will surf in a “heat.” Heats will consist of one team, so each surfer is encouraged to push their teammates, share waves, and work toward a common score. Each individual surfer will achieve a total score based on the top three scoring waves. The individual scores will be added up to achieve a team score. The two teams with the highest score will surf a second time, again aiming for a high team score. **To be fair, entrants cannot select their own teams.

*If you’ve registered and can’t make the contest, contact us as (808) 557-9112 and we can refund you up until the week before the contest.

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