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Greenwell trial date pushed back until at least late October

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Contributing Editor

Kelly Greenwell will have to wait a little longer for that day in court. Greenwell, the North Kona councilman who is fighting three charges resulting from a July traffic stop, now is scheduled to go on trial Oct. 26 in front of Third Circuit Judge Ronald Ibarra.

Greenwell was charged with refusing to stop his vehicle, refusing to produce documentation and resisting arrest. The confrontation with a police officer followed a July 17 traffic stop on Queen Kaahumanu Highway. Police have said Greenwell was traveling at 51 mph in a 35 mph zone; Greenwell maintains he was not going that fast and was poorly treated by the arresting officer.

The Kona councilman, who is up for reelection, has said he wants his day in court and wants police recruits to have additional training in how to deal with confrontational situations and to show more aloha when dealing with the public.

After his court appearance Tuesday, Greenwell said he is a little disappointed in the delay, but his attorney, Honolulu-based Eric Seitz, has a schedule conflict. Greenwell also said Seitz’ schedule may necessitate a further delay.

“Of course, the sooner this is heard, the better,” Greenwell said. “But I want this properly.”

Greenwell previously has said he was mistreated by police, including being denied his epilepsy medication and being unreasonably held in a hot, enclosed police car.

Police have maintained the arresting officer acted within department standards and did nothing wrong.

2 Responses to “Greenwell trial date pushed back until at least late October”

  1. Scott Martinq says:

    Please – people… this BOOB out of office.

    He wants “additional training in how to deal with confrontational situations and to show more aloha when dealing with the public”?

    Instead – how about addtional training for Council members to teach them that they are not above the law and that teir position of trust doesnot entitle them to anythig more or less than the average person.

    I say sign up Mr. Greenwell for the first session!

  2. big guy says:

    If a policeman is not even Akamai enough to recognize a County Councilmen and lighten up then he does need to be taught “Aloha”.What would he do to your Granma or Tutu ? FREE KELLY !!! Policemen work for us..not against. We are innocent until proven guilty..remember ? I prefer Jim Rath but will vote for Kelly for having guts. You really think if it had been Billy Kenoi that had gotten out of his car and approached the officer the same thing would have happened ? After a bunch of “eh,brahs”the officer would have let him off with warning instead of a headlock…


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