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BOE candidate info available online


The following information is from Susan Dursin and Helen Hemmes, Hawaii County League of Women Voters co-presidents:

While we talk a lot about education in this state, most of us know nothing about the Board of Education (BOE). Did you know that there are 13 members, all elected. That three of those members are from the outer islands? That every two years one of those seats is up for election? That no matter which outer island you live on, you vote for that seat?

No wonder we know so little. Just once in six years the candidates come from our own county. In between, we hear almost nothing about the Board of Education.

Two years ago we re-elected Herbert Watanabe, a Hilo resident. This year we vote for Maui candidates. In 2010 candidates will come from Kauai. If we care about education in Hawaii, we need to learn about how the BOE works. The first step is learning about this year’s candidates.

Three candidates will appear on the primary ballot: R. Ray Hart, Leona Rocha-Wilson and Barry Wurst. In order to find out more and to compare them, go to the League of Women Voters website:

The site has posted brief sketches submitted by the candidates along with their respnses to questions posed by the Hawaii County League of Women Voters.

Information submitted by other candidates from across the state appears
there too. All candidates were invited to submit their information.

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