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‘Complicated Courtesies’ debuts at Aloha Theatre (Aug. 27)

Here’s what Kimberly has to say about the show:

Kimberly Dark

This show is about how we use our small, everyday lives to make the world a better place. No, seriously. I think that’s possible – when we live both boldly and with kindness. And the more easily we embrace our internal diversity — become all of our exciting selves — the more we’ll enjoy diversity in others too. I realize this seems like a tall order – and that’s why we need storytelling, humor and a way to contemplate our own lives and be entertained at the same time. That’s what Complicated Courtesies offers.

On one hand, it’s good to live a simple, uncomplicated life — you know, in a totally responsible Zen way. On the other hand, some people never delve into the complexities of social life because it’s scary – or just easier to worry about what’s for dinner, when there’s a sale at Macys and whether you can afford a new car. A lot of folks never pause to ask: wow, why do we act as we do? How can things get better? How can I help? I’m not saying that we have to spend every moment focused on activism – that would be painful! This show is about how we improve the world just by enjoying our days, living great big exciting lives, and being kind to others when they don’t yet understand how to play well and get along with others. (wink)

The stories are funny, touching, engaging — the audience will hear about my life, about my son, about my work. If you’re a parent, this show is definitely for you! And if you’ve ever felt like you have to put on one face for work, another for friends, another for family – wow, this show is for you too. Through entertainment, I hope the audience comes to understand that we don’t need to be the same in order to be allies – but we do have to know each other. Complicated Courtesies reminds us that the world needs all the aloha we have…

* Workshop – Using Performance for Social Change – 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Aug. 28, Aloha Theatre
* Workshop – Using Performance for Social Change – 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., Aug. 28, Aloha Theatre

Join Kimberly Dark for a fun, interactive workshop on theatre methods for social change. There is no story or lines to be mastered and improv skills are not required. We’ll use our actions and reflections to discover power relationships in our culture, so that ultimately, we embrace the possibility of positive change.

Participants will learn about Brazilian Theatre maker Augusto Boal’s Image Theatre in a way that may inspire future study. We’ll also touch on text-based storytelling (in the tradition of Kimberly’s performances) as a vehicle for social change as well.

Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed is a tool that can be used by actors and non-actors alike. The exercises can be used to stimulate creative and non-fiction writing, and by other artists who strive to understand the social mechanizations of the body.

Dancers, sculptors and anyone who works in a physical medium will benefit. And of course, if you’re just plain curious about life in the body – life in community, then this workshop is for you too.

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