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Police provide hotlines for anonymous drug info


Big Island police are reminding the public about the Police Department’s 24-hour hotlines that citizens can call to provide anonymous information about “ice” and other illegal drugs.

The hotline phone numbers are 329-0-“ICE”(329-0423) in Kona and 934-“VICE” (934-8423) in Hilo.

While police are making progress in fighting the war on crystal methamphetamine and other illegal drugs through enforcement efforts—including multi-jurisdictional task forces—they continue to recognize the critical importance of tips from the public and preventive measures. School Resource Officers work with schools to provide positive role models and teach curriculum designed for school children, including anti-drug classes. Officers also make anti-drug presentations at HI-PAL sporting events.

Chief Harry Kubojiri said the Hawai’i Police Department is committed to developing information about illicit drug distribution. “Members of our community play a key role toward that goal,” Kubojiri said. “Citizens act as our eyes and ears.”

When tipsters call the ice hotlines, they reach a vice officer or a recording that asks them to leave information about the illegal activity they are reporting. Callers do not have to provide their name, address or telephone number. If they reach the answering machine but wish to speak directly to a detective, they may choose to leave a name and callback number but that information will remain confidential.

For more information about how to use the hotlines, visit the Police Department’s website at and click on “police hotlines” and then click on “How To Use Vice/Drug Tip Hotline.”

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  1. whateverss says:

    What a joke they aren’t even interested is busting day before the drug bust they hang around a warning everyone knows to get rid of their **** :/


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