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Hannemann reveals economic plan


Gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann has announced his plan for growing Hawaii’s economy during a press conference at his Oahu campaign headquarters. Hannemann identified improving the economy as the top priority of his administration and the means for addressing other issues facing the state government.

“The economy is the number one issue,” said Hannemann. “If the economy does not grow, there will be no money to improve our public education system, provide social services to those in need, and no jobs for our people. Hawaii needs an experienced leader who can bring labor and business together to grow the economy. Having been mayor of the 12th largest city in the country, I have managed 10,000 employees, a multi-billion dollar budget, negotiated labor contracts, implemented public private partnerships, and worked collaboratively with all three neighbor island mayors to identify ways that our counties can collectively grow our economies. I have also served as the State Director of the Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism during a challenging period of the Waihee Administration and have worked extensively in the private sector for C. Brewer & Co, one of Hawaii’s oldest agribusiness firms.”

As governor, Hannemann will build on the approach he used for the city and county of Honolulu; identify and remedy inefficiencies in systems and processes, pursue cost savings incentives, invest in aging infrastructure and automate the state. His economic action plan calls for launching the initiatives within the first 3-6 months of his administration in collaboration with the state Legislature, County Mayors and key stakeholders from the private sector, labor, academia, non-profit service organizations and the community.”

His economic action plan includes:

* Audit Government Now: Eliminate waste and inefficiencies, and identify cost-saving measures.
* Expedite Infrastructure Improvements: Create jobs by revitalizing state roads, airports and harbors.
* Champion Tourism: Increase direct air service from major markets to Hawaii. Secure long-term agreement for the NFL Pro Bowl.
* Maximize Our APEC Opportunity: Working together, we can showcase Hawaii to the world by successfully hosting the 2011 Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.
* Promote Renewable Energy: Take the lead in alternative energy technology to make Hawaii a world model for sustainable communities.
* Growing Hawaii Agriculture: Support agriculture through land and water use policies, marketing, and working with landowners.
* Restore the Superferry: Do it right with environmental protections and an EIS. Don’t waste the taxpayers’ investment.
* Move on Rail: Remove the roadblock in the Governor’s office and let our people build a 21st century transit system.
* Demand Educational Excellence: Focus on preparing our young people for the challenges of the 21st century workforce.
* Automate the State: Scrap outdated, disjointed computers and processes and create a modern, coordinated enterprise information architecture for our future. Modernize telecommunications infrastructure.

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