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Smith is Kona’s Officer of the Month for July


Kona Crime Prevention Committee President Felicity Johnson presents an 'Officer of the Month' plaque to Detective Sean Smith.

Sean Smith

Sean Smith

The Kona Crime Prevention Committee recognized Detective Sean Smith as “Officer of the Month” for July in a luncheon ceremony Wednesday (July 7) at King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel.

Smith was honored for an investigation that led to the arrest of a man wanted for crimes in East and West Hawai’i, including the severing of a man’s finger, the kidnapping of a woman at gunpoint and the beating of a man during an auto theft. As a result of Smith’s persistence, the suspect was charged with eight felonies and two misdemeanors. Police also recovered three stolen vehicles and property stolen in two burglaries.

“Detective Smith’s actions have resulted in the apprehension and removal of a violent and dangerous person from our community, ending his ability to terrorize others and continue his crime spree,” said Lieutenant Gerald Wike, who nominated Smith for the award.

As “Officer of the Month,” Smith is eligible to become “Officer of the Year.”

The Kona Crime Prevention Committee is an organization that encourages community involvement in aiding and supporting police in West Hawai’i.

One Response to “Smith is Kona’s Officer of the Month for July”

  1. HawaiianEyeeeee says:

    Wow ! I'm impressed in Officer Sean Smith's actions in getting this dangerous criminal off our streets and into prison where he belongs.
    Hope this action will lead to more officers of the law going after horrid criminals instead of spending time giving out expensive tickets for small infractions to our guests/tourists visiting our island and to the local people who would appreciate a "warning" if we did something wrong instead getting fined an exorbitant amount of money that most of us don't have at this time.
    Lets be kind to each other and kindness will spread to others more readily.
    Our little town isn't cute anymore, we look like an industrial park, so it would be to our benefit as a community to offer more ALOHA spirit and less ticket attacks for registration/safety check expirations. Sometimes we need assistance


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