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Biochar workshop for gardeners and farmers (July 25)

Biochar for Self-Reliant Garden and Farm Abundance

Sunday, July 25, 2010, 9:00 am–4:00 pm
Location: Imin Center (County facility), H?lualoa, North Kona
Contact : Pedro Tama, or 938-5618.

Biochar (biomass charcoal) is a special type of charcoal made to optimize characteristics that make it useful in agriculture. As a soil amendment, biochar has been shown to dramatically increase crop yield and fertilizer efficiency. It also remains in the soil for decades, helping to slow release of carbon into the atmosphere. Participants will learn how to make biochar for use in their gardens and farms. Several production methods will be covered, including small-scale, low-tech, and more advanced methods. Participants will also learn how to most effectively use biochar in their soil, based on recent studies on several growth trials on different farms on Hawai‘i Island. Biochar expert Josiah Hunt of Kapoho will be leading the workshop. This workshop is for gardeners, farmers, homeowners, and educators—anyone interested in growing food and increasing the sustainability of our local food systems by reducing imported fuel, fertilizer, and chemicals.

This workshop is presented by the Hawai‘i Homegrown Food Network and Agroforestry Net. The cost is $40. The number of participants is limited, so please register early. For further information and to download the workshop brochure, please see the events calendar at or contact Pedro Tama at or 938-5618

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