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Grant to help homeless veterans in Hawaii


U.S. Sens. Daniel K. Akaka, Chairman of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, and Daniel K. Inouye, Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, have announced Mental Health America of Hawaii will receive a $300,000 federal grant to help homeless women veterans and homeless veterans with families in Hawaii.

“This funding for homeless veterans in Hawaii will help us come closer to meeting our obligations to former-servicemembers and their ‘ohana,” said Akaka. “As more women serve in the military, providers must adapt to their needs. The Veterans’ Affairs Committee has developed legislation to make this grant program permanent across the country, and I will keep working to see that bill passed into law.”

“We have a serious homeless issue in Hawaii and it is shameful that so many of the men and women who wore the uniform of the armed services in defense of our great nation end up living in squalor. I am glad that these funds will be used to help them get off the streets and provide for their families,” said Senator Daniel Inouye. “I would like to thank Senator Akaka and the members of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Their work on behalf of these servicemembers is to be commended.”

A new point-in-time count shows the number of homeless people on Oahu up by about 15 percent from 2009.

The $300,000 grant will be provided as part of the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service’s Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Grants. These grants are used to provide job training, counseling and placement services to expedite the reintegration of homeless women veterans and veterans with families into the labor force.

Akaka continues to work to help adapt government services to the needs of women veterans and veterans with families. Under Akaka’s leadership, the Homeless Veterans and Other Veterans Health Care Authorities Act of 2010 (S. 1237) was approved by the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in January and now awaits consideration on the Senate floor.

This bill would ensure that the grant program for reintegration of homeless women veterans and homeless veterans with children would be made permanent, among other provisions.

In addition, Akaka authored the recently enacted Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act, which established a national program to support wounded warriors’ family caregivers and expanded VA health care for women and their newborns.

6 Responses to “Grant to help homeless veterans in Hawaii”

  1. HawaiianEyeeeee says:

    I'm curious how many of those homeless are released ex cons and now lets coddle them more, let's pay for their rehabilitation so they may grow into fine upstanding citizens in our society . YEAH right , that aint gonna happen. Big hearted people will eventually learn but hopefully they don't loose their home to one of these criminals who set out to use each and every victim that comes along ….. the choice is ours to be useful or to be a parasite. Parasites are useful if you put them to work , so please people stop enabling our able-bodied citizines and give them a job and make them sweat for it, same like you and I.
    Don't give handouts. It'll be interesting how long a job will last without a lawsuit coming into play….. OUCH….hurt myself on the job….. must get disability….must suck insurance fraud, must suck doctors and therapists who go along with the ploy in hopes of filling their pockets too with fraudulanet money from an injury scam….. Hey I'm truly sick of poeple who don't want to earn their keep on this earth and I'm sick of dogooders who enable, just trying to make themseelves likeablej. HooRah, ladies and gentlemen, you are what you do !

    • Steve Williams says:

      I have been a homeless veteran. Not a convict. Dont do drugs and raised a boy who is now an linguist and an officer in the U.S. Air Force. If not for a homeless program I would have been on the streets with no were to turn for help.

      Thanks for the programs and keep it up. Veterans deserve a chance as well as many other homeless that are there due to circumstances beyond there control. We are not a bunch of convicted felons as someone would like you to believe.

      However, I am glad everyone has the right to an opinion and a right to express that opinion as me and many of my family members have all sacrafised to defend those rights.



      • frank blaskis says:

        guess some do not know we ain,t all bums . my retirement ; $670 bucks will not go far there in hawaii. i do not have any other choice at this time. i do understand this is all about child abduction laws. there should be exceptions for the rules . common sense and government seldom go hand in hand… the USA embassy here. ZERO HELP . don,t seem they care about helping me protect my child . an A student by the way !

  2. The Answer says:

    Sorry that are not feeling well.

  3. frank blaskis says:

    not on drugs , do not drink either . retired and now in the philippines. i have a thai/american daughter ( 6 years old in july ) that her mother abandoned 5 years ago. i do have a signed statement from her and me at the lawyers office stateing she quit the baby. i have not seen or heard from her in 5 years. have no idea where she is at this time.
    the embassy here says they can not renew her passport without the mother signing or a court order. i paid $2,000 to one in thailand to get the court order. he did nothing but to ask for more money.
    the woman st the embassy ACS , american citizen services . thats a bad joke to name them that ; but she said ” leave the philippines “.
    i barely have enough money to get to hawaii. the closest usa land .
    i will be coming on a wing and a prayer.
    anyone got any “good ideas” ? (frank blaskis @ hotmail. com) no spaces

  4. michael sears says:

    happy smile veterans day to you aloha i world like coming a vistors the all the veterans please my name is michael sears i have a cerebral palsy veteran are the disability handicapped in the wheel chairs homeless disabled this a friday i need a homeless sheltering to staying please mahalo i was a war veteran militayes to the comping 2005 untal 2010 i losted a cards is happy smile to you mahalo


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