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Usher approaches end of ‘100 goals in 100 weeks’ journey


Ian Usher, the Australian man who put his whole life up for sale on Internet auction website eBay! is almost at the end of an amazing two-year adventure, funded by the proceeds from his sale. He is also raising funds for charity.

Usher made a stop on the Big Island back in January 2009.

Usher, whose June 2008 auction made international headlines, is selling up once again, but this time it is in support of colon cancer research and awareness.

His target is to raise $50,000 for charity, and he hopes to do this by offering numbered, signed photos from his travels in return for a donation. Usher’s lost his father in 1994 to colon cancer.

The adventurer calls the $50,000 fundraising challenge one of his toughest goals. Although still quite a way short of his target, Usher has secured a sizable donation from Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group.

Usher’s 100 week odyssey comes to an end July 4, and he has chosen New York as the location for his final adventure and celebration.

There is an open invite on his website for anyone who wishes to join him at the Statue of Liberty in the morning, or in Central Park later in the afternoon.

Other goals on the list of 100 included high-adrenaline adventures, such as running with the bulls in Pamplona in Spain, diving with sharks in Japan and South Africa, and riding a motorcycle on a “Wall of Death”! He has worked in a soup kitchen on Christmas day in Canada, trekked to Everest Base Camp, and walked on the Great Wall of China.

So far he has completed 91 goals from his list of 100.

Usher is writing a book about his travels and adventures, entitled “A Life Sold”. He is also currently under contract to Walt Disney Pictures, which bought the movie rights to his story.

For more information, or to support Usher’s fundraising effort, visit

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