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Online superstore is down in Hawaii and Los Angeles

By Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

Online superstore went offline Wednesday evening (June 23) for unknown reasons. also has a storage network Amazon S3 which provides storage for numerous online sites via data centers in the United States, Ireland and Singapore providing online storage globally.

Update #1: A Twitter report that is down in some places but up in others. @hwhankins: @Hawaii247 Amazon is only down from some places, the Los Angeles area can’t get it but Las Vegas can.

Update #2: Hawaii 24/7 confirms that is indeed online but may be unavailable in Hawaii and Los Angeles due to a network switch failure. The website does work if outside of Hawaii. is not the only site affected by this network failure but surely one of the biggest. The site is reachable via a proxy server.

Can anyone else out there comment if it’s up or down in your city/state?

Update #3: A network failure in Los Angeles which Timer-Warner’s Road Runner service ties into seems to be the problem. Cable modem users are reporting problems accessing sites but Hawaii 24/7 can confirm that, the Hawaii County website and others are accessible via AT&T’s network but not via Road Runner.

Traceroute ends in Los Angeles where there's a failure.

Update #4: The network has been repaired and websites are now accessible again.

18 Responses to “Online superstore is down in Hawaii and Los Angeles”

  1. sdr says:

    I'm in southern California. Amazon, Target, and one of my financial institution sites will not load. I've tried several times over the last hour or so.

  2. toph24 says:

    Down in Redondo Beach, CA using Time Warner/Road Runner cable. Looks like it's down from all checkpoints on as well.

  3. Pedro says:

    It is down in Orange County

  4. Hawaii 24/7 says: is actually is not down. You can still visit them via a proxy server.

  5. Southern California Time Warner – Amazon is down
    Southern California Verizon – Amazon is up

    Traceroutes on both go through the Level3 Los Angeles routers, but it must be a particular one that is having problems because for me the problem seems to be related to Time Warner connections only.

  6. badda the kine says:

    I tried tethering my iphone on my netbook and use the Cell Data to connect.

    I'm able to connect to Amazon.

  7. Robert says:

    Time Warner RR, Hacienda Heights CA, amazon DOWN

  8. toph24 says:

    It definitely depends on your route. My proxy service is resolving as and it works. However, my Southern California Timer Warner / Road Runner cable is resolving amazon .com as and it fails. I tried the working ip from the proxy ( on my Time Warner / Road Runner cable connection and it fails. Mike appears to be correct with respect to it be a localized routing issue, not DNS.

  9. OriginalDiscoKid says:

    Down on Time Warner Cable in Sherman Oaks.

  10. runes says:

    I'm in LA (studio CIty, next to Sherman Oaks and also on TW Cable) and i not only can't access Amazon, i can't get Deepdiscount, Columbia House, J&R Music world and many other retail sites. Very frustrating

  11. max says:

    A bunch of websites are down including,,, in hawaii. hulu, facebook, msn, google work.

  12. runes says:

    Just was on a webchat with TW Cable here in LA – problem not expected to be fixed for a couple of hours (hopefully by morning), and now i'm having trouble reaching regular sites. too. Wonderful. TW strikes again…….

  13. Erica says:

    It's completely down in Palm Springs, California. Try to link to help, but no info. appears. Kind of strange….

  14. Mike says:

    Down in Santa Monica

  15. Gopal says:

    Down in Orange County… also tried the Amazon app on my iPhone – won't connect ! Seeing this happen for the first time ever…..

    • Hawaii 24/7 says:

      Make sure your iPhone is not on WiFi when you try Although it is possible that AT&T is routed through the same failed network. sites are also inaccessible via Road Runner.

  16. icr says:

    My account info seems to have been lost.

    San Jose, Costa Rica


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