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Thompson: Paradise Park residents halt association meeting

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By Rod Thompson

Hawaiian Paradise Park

Something very unusual happened tonight, June 22, in Hawaiian Paradise Park. The people won.

The nine-member board of directors of the Hawaiian Paradise Park Owners Association had called a special board meeting, the second one this month besides the regular monthly meeting, with the purpose of selecting a contractor for a fourth round of street paving in the subdivision.

During the public statements part of the meeting, angry homeowners told board members they were railroading selection of a contractor, despite the fact that questions were still pending about quality of work of the contractor who did the previous three rounds of paving.

Homeowners also said the previous June 7 special meeting violated the association’s bylaws because no notice was given about its purpose.

Then impromptu theater started. One homeowner, a former policeman, reminded Chairman Bob Rainie that Rainie, in a prior meeting, had told a woman words to the effect that he would have hit her if she were a man. Rainie denied saying that.

The ex-policeman ignored him, puffed out his chest, and said, “I’m a man,” as if daring Rainey to hit him.

Another man strode up to the board meeting table and grabbed paving bid packages out of Rainie’s hands, saying at least one of the packages had been illegally opened already.

In the past, Rainie had told homeowners, “You’re out of order. Shut up.” This time, homeowners turned the words against Rainie, shouting, “This meeting is out of order.”

Board members soon made and passed a motion to adjourn without conducting any new business. Six out of the nine members, including Rainie, will be replaced when a new board is installed Sunday. That means fresh members will reconsider the paving issue.

After the adjournment, Rainie told a homeowner he knew the whole thing was orchestrated. The homeowner denied it. He told Rainie he had commented to another resident before the meeting, “You know we’re going to lose.” The other man answered, “Yes, we’re going to lose.”

But the anger generated by a year of Rainie’s control of the chairmanship was too great to be contained. The people won.

(Thompson is a long-time journalist and resident of Hawaiian Paradise Park)

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