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Hawaiian issues consumer fraud alert


Hawaiian Airlines has issued a warning to consumers not to buy vouchers after finding cases of tickets purchased with stolen credit card information and resold to unsuspecting travelers.

“We want to alert consumers to this scam because we’ve become aware of someone selling travel vouchers and using other people’s credit card information to book tickets on Hawaiian and other carriers – including tickets to and from Las Vegas. These tickets are not being accepted at the airport,” said Keoni Wagner, Hawaiian’s vice president for public affairs.

“The cases we’ve seen so far involve cut-rate tickets advertised on Craigslist, in 808 Classifieds and vouchers that have been circulated,” he said.

Customers should be wary of any tickets offered for sale through word of mouth or classified ads and should only purchase tickets directly from the airline or from reputable travel agents, Wagner said.

“We’re working closely with customers who have been victimized by this fraud to provide information to law enforcement in hopes of preventing other cases,” he said.

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