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Rally to support Papaikou shoreline access

Video by David Corrigan | Big Island Video News

Demonstrators took to the streets Friday (May 14) to rally the public to extend access to the Papaikou ‘Mill’ shoreline. Shoreline access via a walking path from the roadway is currently provided by the land owners but ocean-goers are feeling the constraints of when this path is open.

2 Responses to “Rally to support Papaikou shoreline access”

  1. malissa thompson says:

    Ho. That lawyer has no clue what he's talking about and he's certainly not someone who has lived here for long nor is he the type who has ever had any kind of passion or understanding for the ocean. You should seriously think about checking out the validity of videos such as these or at the very least including a disclaimer. The owner of that property is hostile, aggressive, unbalanced and has no concept of aloha.
    She needs to go home!

  2. ipullinphat@themill says:

    Donkeys wide!


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