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Family Forest links first family, ‘Princess Kaiulani’

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Contributing Editor

The ties between the White House and Hawaii are pretty well known, but a Big Island genealogy company has found some new ones.

Bruce and Kristine Harrison, founders of the Family Forest® Project, have tracked back through time to link the first family to Sanford Ballard Dole, who was president of the Republic of Hawaii between 1894-1900.

Dole, who later served as the first Territorial Governor of Hawaii, is a leading character in a new movie, “Princess Kauilani.”

“When Sasha and Malia are watching the movie with the First Dad, as they probably will, they should know that they have family ties to one of the central characters in the movie,” Harrison said.

President Barack Obama – and his daughters Sasha and Maila – and Dole, who died in 1926, share ancestors. Dole and the first daughters are seventh cousins, but are four times removed (meaning one generation further from him than their father).

Dole, played by Will Patton, is featured in “Princess Kaiulani,” which follows her life from Honolulu through her education in Victorian England, the announcement of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, her campaign to convince the United States to reverse the overthrow, and her return to Hawaii.

After debuting last year at the Hawaii International Film Festival, “Princess Kaiulani” opens this weekend. It will show at Keauhou Cinemas 7 and Makalapua Cinemas in Kona.

The Family Forest® National Treasure Edition can also lead Sasha and Malia through their own ancestral pathways to ancestors who are portrayed in famous motion pictures by Hollywood icons such as Katharine Hepburn.

This edition of the Family Forest® is called National Treasure because it can connect more Americans through generation-by-generation family ties to more American history (people, places, and events) than any other resource.

Every parent who wants their children to excel and achieve excellence in school, and consequently in life, should give them full access to the Family Forest®. The National Treasure can connect millions of people personally, through their own family ties, to actual national treasures found at the National Museum of American History.

Also, the National Treasure was made in Hawaii. It is in effect a gift to the nation from Hawaii, and an inspirational resource that Hawaii’s senators and representatives can share with their Washington colleagues.

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3 Responses to “Family Forest links first family, ‘Princess Kaiulani’”

  1. Kaleo says:

    Aloha e Karin. I find it quite ignorant and offensive of any contributing editor from any source to add more of the “Doctrine of Christian Discovery,” to Hawai’i and it’s history, then what this “Doctrine” has already done to an already very warped and fradulent story and picture that has already been told and painted to humanity for almost 200 years now.

    As you know, Hawai’i is still a “Nation State,” and not, nor ever will be a part of the already bankrupt “American Corporation,” since 1871. Why are you offering the genealogy services to Americans and not to the “Hawaiian Subjects” in the very homeland that you are residing on now? It is like a “Hawaiian Subject” going to England and telling the citizens of England about offering Hawaiian Genealogy in England. That does not show one’s caring and compassion at all on a people that is trying to be left behind, left for dead, and has been displaced and looked upon the “Hawaiian Subjects” from those that came from Boston literally as infidels, uncivilized, subhuman, pagans, heathens, infidels, barbarians, and savages.

    It is time for humanity to deal with the “Causal Root,” of our, what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called a “Sick Society.” One that over values “Money,” and “Profit,” over “Truth,” and “Freedom.” We are all going to be “Part of the Problem,” or “Part of the Solution.” I hope you will choose the “latter.”

    Mahalo Nui Loa,


  2. Well, I don’t know about all that, but I do know that there are Hawaiian genealogies in the Family Forest® National Treasure that extend generation-by-generation for more than 100 generations.

    Also, here is a link to an image to help illustrate the story.


    Bruce Harrison

  3. Hali'a says:

    While S.B. Dole was an unpleasantly pivotal figure in Hawai’i’s history, it should be remembered that Princess Ka’iulani was an indirect player in the drama of her country’s illegal overthrow, and she certainly did not “campaign” (her efforts to serve her country’s interests in Washington were quiet and unofficial), always acknowledging that her Aunt the Queen occupied the role of national leader. So there is something quite strange about a company that sells genealogical search tools (apparently to fictionalized film portrayals of historic figures, rather than solidly researched materials about historic figures!?) trading on Dole’s appearance in the recent
    inaccurate costume drama about the Princess. For one thing, Dole was certainly no believer in the equality of the “races”, so if the President is aware of the family connection, I doubt it would give him or his children any great pleasure. Perhaps there are those who enjoy being related to anyone “famous”, regardless of how that fame is achieved. But it would be nice if Princess Ka’iulani were left out of this discussion – it seems bizarre to include her…although this company seems determined to connect the President with someone in a film. It is true that portrayals of S.B. Dole aren’t available in large quantities.


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