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Solar Boat Regatta challenges fifth graders to use renewable energy

Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

Fifth grade students from East Hawaii competed in the third annual Solar Boat Regatta Saturday (May 8) at Hilo Middle School. The annual event is sponsored by Hawaii Electric Light Company and the Department of Education.

About 200 students competed in the competition using only solar energy and an electric motor to power each boat. The vessels must travel two meters within 15 seconds during the event. Some boat builders opted to use a propeller underwater while other used air power above water to drive the craft.

Official Results of the Solar Boat Regatta

9 different schools participated
17 teachers completed the curriculum and brought students to the event
194 students (most current count) participated in the regatta

Bracket 1: Meets the standard of 2 meters in under 15 seconds
1. Kamehameha Elementary
2. Keaau Elementary
3. Haaheo Elementary

Bracket 2: Exceeds the standards of 2 meters in under 30 seconds carrying a 3oz weight
1. Waiakea Elementary
2. Keaau Elementary
3. Keaau Elementary

Best use of recycled materials: Waiakeawaena
Most creative: Kamehameha
Best engineering: Nawahiokalaniopuu

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